Free Submachine Gun Application for Instruction

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To be considered for acceptance into Front Sight Firearms Training Institute courses, this application must be filled out completely, including the Statement of No Criminal Record and Character Witness Statement. Front Sight reserves the right to deny training to anyone for any reason. In the event that an application is not accepted, you will be notified immediately.


Full Legal Name______________________________________Date of Birth___________
Drivers License Number _________________
Current Address______________________________________________________________
City_____________________________________________State_____Zip Code__________
Occupation______________________________________________ Home
Phone______________Work Phone________________
Person to contact in the event of an emergency ______________________________
First name as you wished to be called on range_______________________________
List most recent training courses, with dates of attendance:_________________


Please indicate the course date you are applying for by circling your choice of the dates listed below.

Course Name ___________ONE-DAY SUBMACHINE GUN COURSE___________________________________
Dates (Please Circle One)


By my signature on this application, I state that I have no criminal convictions, am not currently under indictment or prosecution for any offense, and am not wanted for questioning or arrest by any law enforcement or government agency. I further state that I have no history of mental illness or substance abuse. I understand that my training may be terminated at any time during the course if my actions are not deemed appropriate by Front Sight’s staff. Upon arriving at the course, I agree to sign a document releasing Front Sight Firearms Training Institute from any liability that may occur during the course of training or thereafter. I understand that my tuition is non-refundable without 90 days advance notice of cancellation.

Applicant’s Signature________________________________________________________________Date_____________


The following Character Witness Statement must be completed and signed by a respected member of the applicant's community who has known the applicant for at least five years and is not a member of the applicant’s immediate family.

I ______________________________ certify that I have known _________________________ for at least five years and can attest to the good, moral character of the applicant. I have no knowledge of any criminal activity, mental illness, or substance abuse by the applicant. I recommend applicant for training in the use of deadly weapons without hesitation or reservation.

Character Witness Signature_______________________________________Date of Birth________
Current Address________________________________________________________________________
City___________________________State_____Zip Code__________
Occupation_____________________________________Work Phone__________Home Phone__________

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