Front Sight bankruptcy petition #22-11824

Front Sight is now owned by PrairieFire (December 9, 2022)


Dear [member],

After going through US Bankruptcy Court, PrairieFire Nevada has completed its acquisition of Front Sight. The facility is now under completely new management and ownership.

As a former Gun Training Report Newsletter subscriber, we at PrairieFire Nevada are excited to welcome you, share our vision, and discuss our plans for your new Home for American Shooting.

The Front Sight facility in Pahrump, NV remains open today as we begin our four-month transition plan. The Gun Training Reports will be under construction during this transition period. The pre-existing training

classes will continue for all legacy Front Sight members under the recent fee structure and online scheduling. Members can sign up today at

We will formally launch the PrairieFire Nevada brand in Spring 2023.

PrairieFire Nevada will center around world-class training, with the exclusive Q Academy curriculum, thrilling Specialty Shooting Experiences, designed by elite military veterans, and a friendly Competition Series open to all levels of shooters. Early next year we will share more details on our programs, membership plans, and how you can enjoy many other benefits.

Until then, we encourage you to learn more here.

We are building the new Home for American Shooting. We look forward to welcoming you home soon!


The PrairieFire Team

For more information check out our FAQ here and below:

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