The Biggest News in Front Sight’s History!

Three Amazing Announcements That All Benefit YOU!

March 17, 2006

Dear Friends and Students of Front Sight,

Amazing Announcement #1: I am extremely pleased and proud to announce that Front Sight has signed the contract to complete the Firearms Training Facility to a level of quality and style that far exceeds what even we originally envisioned!

Surveying, engineering, and architectural work is already underway to expand and upgrade Front Sight’s original design to create an even greater facility … complete with numerous additional firearms training ranges, corporate office building, armory, gunsmith, additional classrooms, and defensive driving area just to name a few of the enhancements. This is what we have been working so hard over the last 10 years to create … a project that attracts a world-class construction team to match our world-class firearms training organization in building a facility that is second to none … and provides generations of law abiding citizens, with a level of training that far exceed military and law enforcement standards in the safest and friendliest place in the world, Front Sight, Nevada!

Again, we are extremely excited to share this information with you and congratulate all our students and members for their support and vision for what Front Sight could ultimately become. Give yourselves a big pat on the back. You were right! Now the entire country will get to see what you believed would happen!

Amazing Announcement #2: After three networks competed to secure Front Sight’s 26 episode Reality TV Series entitled, Front Sight Challenge, we have decided to accept the offer from the Outdoor Channel. We chose Outdoor Channel, a cable network available to 78 million homes because the demographics of Outdoor Channel’s 26 million subscribers most closely match the demographics of our student base.

Outdoor Channel also offered us two, 60 second commercial spots per show and will guarantee us our choice of a prime-time slot. (We are still determining which prime-time slot will be best for us.) PLUS Outdoor Channel will guarantee us two, non prime-time slots per week so the 26 million households who subscribe to Outdoor Channel will have three opportunities to see each episode, each week, for 26 weeks! Watch for further announcements on the prime-time slot we select and the date we launch the series. See your local Television Guide for the Outdoor Channel Network location on your TV set.

Imagine the impact Front Sight Challenge will have on positively changing the image of gun ownership when millions of viewers see ordinary citizens (Front Sight Students) competing with and against seasoned law enforcement and military professionals in extremely challenging tests of gun handling, marksmanship, and tactics … and WINNING many of the gun challenges as 80 contestants battle it out over 26 weeks to be crowned the Front Sight Challenge Champion!

Imagine how many of these millions of viewers will want to come to Front Sight and gain the same level of expertise and skill as displayed by our Front Sight students!

With the two announcements above, Front Sight has now entered into a new realm of national prominence and exposure to positively change the image of gun ownership and restore the Second Amendment for future generations. Millions of gun owners (AND PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER OWNED A GUN BUT NOW WANT ONE) will not only discover Front Sight in the most credible manner possible, they will be reminded of Front Sight every week and an entirely new population of thousands upon thousands of Front Sight students will be created with every show that airs and all the re-runs that follow. When these new students visit Front Sight for their first course, not only will they experience the very best in firearms training, they will train on the finest firearms training facility in the world.


Before this happens, I want to make every effort possible to thank you for your support over the last ten years and give you the last, best opportunity to TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF OUR SUCCESS AND BENEFIT FROM ALL YOU HAVE DONE WITH US IN THE PAST! This is the way Front Sight thanks those who have believed in and supported our efforts.

Amazing Announcement #3: Secure an ALL INCLUSIVE, LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP so you can train IN EVERY COURSE at Front Sight free of charge, for the rest of your life and enjoy all the benefits we have created together.

Because I am the only one who can provide you with such an unbelievable lifetime value, I call this membership the Front Sight Founder’s, Tenth Anniversary Lifetime Membership or Founder’s Membership for short.


If you are not yet a member, I will allow you to APPLY 100% OF WHAT YOU HAVE PAID FOR YOUR FRONT SIGHT TRAINING COURSES to date toward your own Front Sight Founder’s Lifetime Membership. That’s right! Total up the amount you have paid for the courses you have attended to date and take that right off the cost of your own Founder’s Lifetime Membership!

If you are already a Front Sight member, then I will allow you to TRADE IN YOUR CURRENT MEMBERSHIP AND APPLY THE FULL PRICE YOU PAID FOR IT toward a Front Sight Founder’s Lifetime Membership! That’s right! Whatever you paid for your current membership is applied to the cost of a Founder’s ALL INCLUSIVE Lifetime Membership when you completely trade in your current membership. It doesn’t get any better than this …

BUT YOU MUST ACT ON THIS WITHOUT DELAY OR YOU WILL GET LEFT BEHIND! WHY? Because 35,000 students and 4200 members are getting this exclusive opportunity take advantage of this last, best opportunity to apply what they have already paid to Front Sight toward this fabulous, all inclusive membership.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that although I would like everybody to enroll, I do not have anywhere near enough memberships to accommodate everyone. The truth is that I only have a limited number of these special memberships so it is truly a First-Come, First-Served Opportunity to enroll!

When this Founder’s All Inclusive Lifetime Membership is sold out it is gone forever.

So please do not delay if you want the best we have to offer before the rest of America finds out about us!



Four Payment Options

$22,000 (minus what you have paid to date) payable interest free at $300 per month.


$20,000 (minus what you have paid to date) payable interest free at $500 per month.
A savings of $2,000!


$18,000 (minus what you have paid to date) payable interest free at $1,000 per month.
A savings of $4,000!


16,000 (minus what you have paid to date) payable in a single payment.
A savings of $6,000!

Complete the enrollment form below and fax or e-mail today.

Front Sight Founder’s All Inclusive Lifetime Membership

Select One Payment Plan:

I authorize Front Sight to charge my credit card on the payment schedule I selected above.

Fax as soon as possible as this offer is strictly limited and subject to sell out on a First-Come, First-Served Basis.

Or e-mail.

If making a single payment by check mail completed form today.

Again, DO NOT DELAY if you want to take advantage of this never-before-offered AND never-to-be-offered-again ALL INLCUSIVE LIFETIME FOUNDER’S MEMBERSHIP!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us and we will assist you in enrolling.

And remember, Front Sight has another full season Reality TV series entitled Front Sight True Crime Stories that features real victims of horribly violent crimes, graphically and emotionally telling their stories of how they were brutalized and left for dead, only to survive and face the debilitating effects of their victimization. These crime victims are rehabilitated by Front Sight through special firearms training courses and just when they feel that they have overcome their fears, they must face their worst nightmare all over again as they are attacked in a live recreation of the original crime … but this time they have a gun and Front Sight training. Will their mindset, training, and a gun help them prevail or will they be victimized again? Each episode has its own shocking revelations! Watch for an announcement of the network and time slot that Front Sight True Crime Stories will for occupy during the Fall season.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us and we will assist you in enrolling.

I look forward to seeing you as one of our ALL-INCLUSIVE LIFETIME FOUNDER’S MEMBERS.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Front Sight Founder and Director
Four-Weapons Combat Master
Your host of Front Sight Challenge Reality TV Series

P.S. In April, a Front Sight representative will be in France at a major television industry convention to sell Front Sight Challenge Reality Series for broadcast in Europe, Asia, and Mexico — bringing us international exposure!