Front Sight Founder’s Society

A look at any successful business will reveal a founder, tirelessly striving to improve his company. Examine an organization that is changing the world and you will find a founder, surrounded by a group of dedicated men and women, all aligned in purpose and tirelessly striving to improve mankind. - Ignatius Piazza

Dear Friends of Front Sight,

Our purpose, as we state to every class we teach at Front Sight, is to reach the 95% of the gun owning population and bring them to Front Sight where they can safely and immediately reach the level of knowing that they need training. If you have attended a course at Front Sight then you fully understand that 95% or more of all gun owners do not know what they do not know when it comes to using a firearm to save their lives or the lives of their loved ones.

At Front Sight we are driven by our purpose. Everything we do is aligned with our purpose. We have overcome obstacles and confronted resistance to our purpose that would have crushed lesser organizations, and by doing so have strengthened our organization and further solidified our persistence in the eyes of friend and foe alike. We have shouldered the responsibility to educate every gun owner in this country as if it were our responsibility alone to do so. And in doing so, we are positively changing the image of gun ownership in the eyes of all Americans.

Our purpose to reach the gun owning public and positively change the image of gun ownership is unprecedented and in many cases unbelievable. In four years, Front Sight has risen to the top of the firearms training industry. We now train more people than all the other firearms training schools in the country combined! We have provided our free, one-day submachine gun course to over 15,000 people from all over the country many of which had never shot any firearm before coming to Front Sight. We have provided over 1,000, four-day course certificates, free of charge to various pro gun organizations seeking donations. Front Sight has provided numerous scholarships to law enforcement officers and agencies. We have significantly increased memberships and income of selected pro gun organizations by providing our training courses as a free bonus to those donating to pro gun causes. Our training courses are now receiving the attention of opinion leaders and the media. As a result, Front Sight has been featured positively in every major newspaper in the country and on every major television network. No one has done more in such a short time. The most remarkable aspect of our dedication to educating the gun owning population and changing the image of gun ownership in this country is not that we have spent the equivalent of $8.5 million dollars in doing so, but rather that we have only just begun to implement and deliver all that Front Sight has to offer.

To this point, Front Sight has carried the financial burden of our purpose alone. The income from our courses and First Family memberships covers the ongoing cost of building and operating Front Sight Nevada as well as all the free courses and donations we provide. We are happy to lead the way to reach greater and greater numbers of all Americans from those who own guns to those who do not yet know the importance of gun ownership.

Although we are capable of accepting this responsibility and carrying the burden of changing the world on our backs alone, we know there are people just like us who want to be a part of Front Sight and join us in our mission. For those who understand and believe in our purpose, Front Sight has created the Founder’s Society. The Founder’s Society will work in conjunction with Front Sight to promote, implement, deliver, and protect the founding principles and core philosophies of the Front Sight organization: Purpose, Duty, and Exchange. The Founder’s Society will assist Front Sight in continuing to expand its ability to reach more and more Americans and positively and permanently change the image of gun ownership in our lifetimes. If we don’t do it, who will? We look forward to your participation.


[s] Ignatius Piazza