Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

February 5, 1996

Dear Greg,

Chuck Taylor asked me to mail you a Front Sight brochure because he wanted you to be among the first to know that he is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for a first-class, tactical firearms training institute in Bakersfield, California. The Bakersfield facility is Front Sight’s first location. Other out-of-state locations will follow. Chuck wanted to make sure that I gave you first opportunity to take advantage of Front Sight’s SPECIAL ADVANCE NOTICE. The enclosed brochures explain everything.

Chuck also wanted me to let you know that if you are in a position to refer students to Front Sight and would like to take advantage of our referral bonus program, then simply contact me via the toll free number on the brochure and I will include you in our promotional program. Here is how it works:

To assist you in earning referral fees and bonuses, I will send you all the brochures and promotional posters you request to place in your business, local range, and gun clubs. Simply call me to request more before you run out and I will send them to you immediately.

Rubber stamp or affix your name and address label on the UPPER LEFT HAND CORNER of the Application for Instruction on the back of each of the remaining brochures. This is very important because I will send you a $25.00 referral fee for every student that attends a course at Front Sight from any of the brochures that have your name on the upper left hand corner of the application. In addition to the $25.00 fee per referral, I will send you a certificate for a free course ($600.00 value) for every ten students that you refer. You can use the certificate yourself, bonus it to a deserving employee, donate it to a charity raffle, sell it, or do whatever you like.

The Special Advance Notice insert in each brochure is there to save you money on the courses that you would like to attend and to assist you in promoting Front Sight. Please do us the favor of personally contacting your family, friends and co-workers who are gun enthusiasts. When you contact them let them know the following information:

Chuck Taylor requested that you receive advance notice of Front Sight’s opening.

Because of your involvement, you have the first run of brochures from Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, released for your distribution before being advertised to the general shooting public.

Significant savings are available for those who act now and take advantage of this pre-advertising promotion.

Please contact the local gun dealers and shooting ranges in your area and encourage them to contact me to be included in our ongoing referral fee and bonus program.

Thanks again. I won’t forget your interest and support for Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

If you have any questions or concerns please call. If not, I look forward to seeing you and those you refer at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute!