November 15, 2002

Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Front Sight Resort

Front Sight's Armed Citizen Corps™

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: In response to the fear and retreat from daily activities created by a nearly 500% increase in crime since the 1960's and the current rise in terrorism on US soil, loud voices of the Armed Citizen Corps can be heard at the Front Sight Resort near Las Vegas Nevada yelling, "STOP RIGHT THERE! STOP OR I WILL SHOOT!" The command is often immediately followed by a fusillade of accurate gun fire from law abiding, private citizens who are training to levels that far exceed the levels of the law enforcement community burdened with the impossible task of being on the spot to stop violent crime and terrorism the moment it happens. Front Sight's Armed Citizen Corps is America's new, first line of defense.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, hailed as the world leader in providing intensified courses in the defensive use of firearms for law abiding, private citizens and law enforcement alike, feels they have the answer to restoring the safety of small towns and big cities across America. Front Sight's Armed Citizen Corps is training doctors, lawyers, business owners, community leaders, other professionals, and patriotic Americans from all walks of life in the safe and responsible carry of a concealed handgun, to immediately protect themselves and all other citizens around them, should a criminal or terrorist attack with deadly intent.

Ignatius Piazza, Front Sight's Armed Citizen Corps Founder and Director, states, White House officials have publicly stated that Americans should remain vigilant in light of new terrorist warnings issued by the FBI. Condoleezza Rice, our National Security Advisor, said that the American people are in many ways the first line of defense. I could not agree more with our country's leaders. The ultimate answer to any urban terrorist or common criminal bent on killing another human being is the immediate response from an armed citizen carrying a concealed handgun who is trained to deliver a bullet, with life saving accuracy from conversational distances out to one hundred yards and beyond. Front Sight provides such training in our newly updated, five day, Armed Citizen Corps training course.

Piazza continues, With a violent crime occurring every 22 seconds in this country, a rape every 5.8 minutes, and a murder every 34 minutes, America needs a few good (armed and trained) citizens on every street, in every shopping mall, at every park, and in every business complex — casually and quietly going about their daily activities, but ready at a moment's notice to stop a violent crime and save the lives of those around them. Front Sight's Armed Citizen Corps is prepared to provide America with thousands of law abiding professionals every month who are armed with a concealed handgun, and trained to support and supplement the good efforts of the law enforcement community. If you understand that society is safer when criminals do not know who is carrying a concealed handgun, Front Sight's Armed Citizen Corp awaits you.

Ken Carlton, retired Federal Special Agent with 28 years of law enforcement experience who has attended numerous courses at Front Sight could not agree more with Front Sight's Armed Citizen Corps. Says Retired Special Agent Carlton, "Recent FBI Crime Reports show that for the first time in American history, one out of every 32 adults in the US is either in prison, jail, on parole or probation. We have more people with criminal backgrounds walking amongst us than ever before. As cops, we are greatly outnumbered. The sad truth is that law enforcement personnel are rarely present to stop a violent crime as it is occurring, so I fully support Front Sight's Armed Citizen Corps. It is time for professional people and business leaders from every community to become a part of Front Sight's Armed Citizen Corps. You can make a big difference in the safety of your town."

When asked how Front Sight's training compares to current law enforcement standards, Carlton is most qualified to answer. As a former firearms instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) I didn't really expect Front Sight to produce much of an increase of my skill level. I was wrong. The training I attended at Front Sight far exceeded the effectiveness of any firearms training I received in my 28 years in law enforcement. The reason they seem to do it better is due to their high instructor to student ratio; simple, yet well thought-out curriculum, presented in a very supportive and professional way; and very dedicated instructors using great teaching techniques. Retired Federal Special Agent Carlton continues, Not only did I improve my shooting, but I observed that the typical defensive handgun student who passes the final skills test, has much better handgun skills than the average law enforcement professional graduating from the basic police school at FLETC. Front Sight's five day program is simply better. I might add that the classes at Front Sight that I've observed are not solely comprised of off-duty commandos or any group of particularly select shooters. Rather, the classes consist of a wide cross section which runs the gamut … from soccer moms to insurance agents, teachers to computer programmers. The fact that active and retired police officers and military special operations personnel are taking these classes alongside the private citizen, speaks to THEIR recognition of the quality of this training.

Tim Childs echoes Ken Carlton's praise. Childs, a former Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Honor Graduate and recipient of a 'Certificate of Exceptional Performance, Firearms' from FLETC states, The quality and quantity of information, professional instruction, and personal attention in gun handling and marksmanship that I received in five days at Front Sight, far exceeded what I received during my time at the Federal Law Enforcement Academy. Childs, now a Pastor at International Church of the Foursquare Gospel encourages law abiding professionals and community leaders to embrace Front Sight's Armed Citizen Corps. As role models, we must lead the way in re-creating the America of the past. An America where our streets were safe and our families could live without fear of criminal or terrorist attack. The armed and trained Citizen Corps is one of the answers to today's troubled times.

Lieutenant Bob Redmond, SWAT Commander of Nye County Sheriff's Department concurs that Front Sight's training is exactly what the Americans need to turn the tide on crime and prevent terrorism from taking hold in America the way it has in other countries. Redmond, who sends his SWAT officers to Front Sight for firearms and tactical training states, "Front Sight's training exceeds levels offered by most if not all law enforcement agencies throughout the country. Front Sight's training is so good that I want every officer we have in the department to attend every course Front Sight offers. Front Sight's Armed Citizen Corps gives the same training to law abiding citizens and THAT is a good for America."

The backbone of the Citizen Corps is Front Sight's 5 DAY ARMED CITIZEN CORPS Course. The course is provided at Front Sight's world class training resort located 45 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Upon completion of the course, students not only have skills with a handgun that surpass the levels found in the law enforcement community, they also leave with completed FBI finger prints cards, photos, Notary signatures and certification to successfully apply for and secure the right to carry a concealed handgun in 23 states. The 23 states are Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia and Wyoming … and more pending any day. Students also learn the procedures to secure Concealed Weapon Permits in other states.

Piazza understands that some law enforcement officials and politicians may not fully support Front Sight's Armed Citizen Corps until they actually come out and experience the training themselves. Says Piazza, "It is often quite difficult for law enforcement administrators and politicians to believe that Front Sight can take a law abiding private citizen with little to no firearms experience and train them to such a high level of skill in just four to five days. They are equally skeptical about the mindset of the student as it relates to use of deadly force. However, once they actually experience the very informative, yet sobering lectures on Moral and Ethical Decisions in the Use of Deadly Force and then receive the safe, responsible, and highly effective training we provide, they walk away understanding and supporting Front Sight's Armed Citizen Corps as a very valuable asset to our law enforcement community and our homeland defense."

Front Sight encourages doctors, lawyers, business owners, community leaders , other professionals, and patriotic Americans from all walks of life to be part of America's first line of defense and the ultimate weapon in America's fight against crime and terrorism. Front Sight is prepared to train up to 1,000 Citizen Corps members EVERY month on a first come-first served basis in their 5 DAY ARMED CITIZEN CORPS course. Applications are now being accepted for the 2003 courses starting in January. Enroll by visiting our Application Page.

Students must submit an online application with payment in full and complete a Statement of No Criminal History, Mental Illness, or Substance Abuse. Applicants must also provide a character witness from a respected member of their community, other than a family member, who has known them for five years and will attest to their good character. Front Sight also conducts a criminal background check on each applicant.

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