16 Tips to Stay Safe in Your Home

by Front Sight Resorts

It is fascinating to consider that we spend so much time in our homes, much of that not even awake, and many of us give our burglar alarm systems the awesome responsibility to protect us. Yet that system can do nothing but make a lot of noise and sometimes summon the police, who are statistically unlikely to show up before the criminal has done his deed.

Do we get real protection from the alarm? No. In all seriousness, every home needs a first line of actual defense, real protection.

It may be helpful to compare this to First Aid, the basic things we should all know how to do to preserve lives until the paramedics arrive. Of course, we should all take precautions to avoid accidents, but it is equally vital that we also know what to do in case an injury is actually sustained.

What is real protection? It is the certainty that we can deter intruders from entering our homes, or if they do enter, it is our ability to keep ourselves and our families safe from that transient harm. The good news is that with state-of-the-art training techniques, it is safe and easy to gain all the skills of self-defense and personal safety you need by attending a respectable and street-smart training school like Front Sight Resorts provides.

Meanwhile, here are some simple actions that you can do immediately to proof up your home against prowlers:

11 Tips for Home Safety

1. Lock our criminals by installing deadbolts on all access doors — and keep doors locked.
2. Install wide-angle access viewers.
3. Install two-position locks on all windows.
4. Install motion-detection exterior lights.
5. Plug interior lights into random timers to create the appearance of occupant activity.
6. Get a pet dog.
7. Never open your door to a stranger.
8. Never tell a stranger you are at home alone.
9. Never hide an extra key under a mat or anywhere else outside your home.
10. Never run ads for expensive items in the newspaper or on the internet.
11. Never allow personal information to be published in the newspaper, or on the internet.

More Tips for Phone Safety …

In addition, these extra points following will keep you from giving away the show to the crims over the telephone:

12. Keep a separate cellular phone in your bedroom for emergencies.
13. Have caller ID features.
14. Use answering machines with Please leave a message only.
15. Do not participate in telephone surveys.
16. Do not share travel plans or credit card numbers on cell phones.

These very simple actions will deter criminals from your property, by making your home an unappealing target to them.

Don’t skimp on these points because you think this will never happen to you. Better to be prepared now, than to suffer the consequences when it happens. And for sure, don’t skimp on your self-defense training. Your life, and the lives of your loved ones depends on it.

For more information on Front Sight Resorts world-class self-defense and personal-safety courses for all ages and needs, please call.

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