Report on Sex Offenders Re-Arrested

By Front Sight Resorts

A report issued by the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, last November, Recidivism of Sex Offenders Released from Prison, traced the paths of 9,700 convicted sex offenders who were released from prison, to determine what percent went back to committing sex crimes and other crimes. Within three years of their release, 514 or 5.3% were re-arrested for committing another sex crime. 141 of these were re-arrested for molesting a child after being released. 40% of those re-arrested committed the new sex crime within one year of their release.

43% of those 9,700 were re-arrested for either a new sex crime or another type of crime. Sex offenders were about four times more likely than non-sex offenders to be arrested for a sex crime after their discharge from prison.

Of those sex offenders tracked, all 9,700 were males who had committed rape or sexual assault. 4,300 were identified as child molesters.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that 70% of all men in prison for a sex crime were men whose victim was a child. On the average, sex offenders serve 3.5 years of an 8-year sentence, 45% of their prison sentence, before being released. For child molesters, the average sentence is 7 years, and they are released after serving three years.

In the study, 67% of the sex offenders released were White males, 32% black males. 50% of the offenders were over the age of 35 when released. Those offenders 45 years or older had the lowest rate of re-arrest for a sex crime at 3.3%. The highest rate of re-arrest for a sex crime was in the age groups of 18–24 and 35–39, each at 6.1%.

All of these released inmates were classified as violent sex offenders. They are called violent because they used or threatened force in the commission of their sex crimes.

The number of times a prisoner was arrested in the past was a relatively good predictor of whether that prisoner would continue his criminality after release. Prisoners with just one prior arrest for any type of crime had a 24.8% re-arrest rate for all types of crimes. With two prior arrests, the percentage re-arrested rose to 31.9%. With three, it increased to 36.9%. With four, it went up to 42.6%. With additional prior arrests, the increases continue, reaching a re-arrest rate of 67.0% for released prisoners with the longest criminal record, more than 15 prior arrests.

It appears, at least for now, that as our prisons will continue to overflow with inmates, release dates for convicted sex perverts will be moved forward to make room for the new crop of crims to serve time. This means that more and more we will have to deal with the re-entry of the sexual-pervert criminal back into our neighborhoods, where at least 5.3% of them will prey on our children, and 43% of them will spread their degenerate criminal activity upon our lives.

If this is not good enough reason for any law-abiding citizen to feel the necessity to provide protection for himself and his family, then nothing would qualify as a reason to take preventive, or defensive action.

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