Ignatius Piazza on the Alex Jones Show

September 3, 2009

Rough transcript:

I wanted to bring him back up because just like I’ve had the appleseed group up and others who aren’t sponsors Dr. Ignatius Piazza has become a sponsor but I was promoting front sight because I heard everybody I know he’s an expert in firearms long rifle shotgun handgun police military they say front sights the best I’ve been here in this group seven eight nine years at least since 2000 I remember Chris and famous and others telling me how great it is former Treasury agent exposing the IRS shows up Joe Banister he’s wearing a front sight shirt before they’re even sponsors I’m you I’m going hey they’re about to be sponsors front sights the way to go and their classes fill up quick they’ve got to deal they’re offering of a free springfield armory XD pistol macaela barrier choice it’s massively off the five and four day courses they fill up quickly in September but they only got a few in August get signed up and I’ve had people all over Austin tell me they’re going to sign up in the fall show you better just that’s just where I live people on the street or I go out to dinner with friends went out with my friend Jimmy and his wife Robin and they were saying they were thinking about going in September so believe me it’s going to fill up quick it is filling up quick in September-October November it’s not enough to go buy a bunch of guns and ammo last time I was getting so sped up I said I shot it here at 6,000 yards I shouted there at six hundred yards the point is it’s not enough to just buy rifles and handguns and things you need to know how to use them you take your wife and children this is a family event so I wanted to get him on to talk about that but also real quick to get a snapshot on his view of Obama introducing all these draconian anti-gun bills I mean it’s happening just like he says his plan isn’t government health care but she read it it’s pure take over he says well we don’t want your guns we just grew up getting people on the Supreme Court thats a ban all guns in a book she wrote we’ve got an attorney general that argued in federal court last year to ban all guns this is serious Ignatius Piazza doc it’s good to have you on with us thanks very much that’s beyond again you bet I am in ranting mode with what all the things that are happening in the world right now let’s just before we get into what’s happening on the Second Amendment tell folks about front sight the courses and why I need to get involved or even if people can’t travel to outside Pahrump Nevada out there in the high desert beautiful they can do stuff online at front sight calm yeah that’s correct we provide gun training reports if they go to front sight calm as fr 0 NT si gh T com they’ll see the opportunity signed up for 15 gun training reports it’s actually more like 30 gun training reports we just haven’t changed the change the ad on it and they’re absolutely breathe as the same information that we share with people that you know literally spend thousands of dollars and travel across the country to attend our courses and there’s also training manuals that are available that are the same techniques that we offer in our courses so if people can’t make it to pahrump if they certainly can begin getting some subtrans right off of our website but there’s the real real big offer that we’ve been running for some time now and it’s getting close to the end go we originally set it up for three thousand three handguns and I believe we’re approaching that number so if they want to take advantage of this they need to jump on it pretty quick but it’s art its our four day defensive handgun course plus an additional day for the 30 state concealed weapon permit and when they take advantage of that which we offer it literally pennies on the dollar up of our normal course prices they can also get a free springfield armory XD pistol in the caliber of their choice nine-millimeter 40 or 45 and it’s been extremely popular so if there’s been that they definitely need to jump on it well why do people need to get the training i mean that’s an asinine question it’s so simple but but can you explain it to them because if people don’t have at least the basics uh they’re going to get a lot of trouble if they just try to put the bullets in a gun when they need it at 3am well that’s that’s the absolutely true we tell people that when the flag flies when you really need to use a gun to defend your life you’re only going to be about half as good as you on your best day on the training range simply from the stress of that lethal encounter and if you haven’t been on the training range imagine what your skills are going to be like they’re going to be absolutely pathetic and the only reason you survive an encounter like that is because the person you’re going up with is more incompetent than you are and who wants to bet their life on that you know I certainly didn’t and that’s pretty much how I got my start I was you know your basic you know gun owner I owned a lot of gun shot the guns at the range but never had any formal training and then a really relatively minor incident it was a random drive-by shooting in my you know quiet upscale neighborhood brought me to the realization that hey even though I own guns even though I had him in the gun safes I really didn’t know how to use them if I needed to so I started training all over the country and you know trained with some of the best instructors at the time and received the highest level certifications at all these different schools instructors provided and then I decided to open up a facility that would really cater to not only a private citizen but also law enforcement so they can train together and provide a level of training that far exceeds what the average law enforcement or military officer could receive from their own agencies or departments and patch out front sight was born way back in nineteen ninety-six with ten students in a two-day defensive handgun class and since that time we literally have grown doubled and tripled every year to the point where we now train more people on a single weekend than most of the major schools train all year so it’s really a great opportunity for people to come out and get a level of training that they can’t get anywhere else at any price and this latest offer with the free handguns it sweetens it that much more well people need to stop procrastinating and I and I know I do it I mean I used to be really good with a rifle shotgun a handgun now and you know better than average but you really lose it even when you have the training and people that are scared of guns it’s not magic it’s not that hard it’s it’s very simple and you guys have the best instructors out there in the country we’re not just saying that front sight calm dr. I also get a lot of calls but maybe thirty forty percent of our audience either doesn’t have a computer or doesn’t like to do things over the computer is there enough they can call so they can find out about some of the different courses and how they can take them yeah we have a toll-free number it’s eight hundred nine eight seven seven seven one nine now the last time I gave this number out it lit our six line phone tree up for about an hour so if you call that number and you get a busy signal is because all of our staff are answering the calls of the other listeners but just just give us a call back a little later again it’s one eight hundred nine eight seven seven seven one night and folks don’t procrastinate call sign up for it go take the course get the free handgun it’s it’s the best and the least expensive out there nationally known its front sight calm front sight calm or eight hundred nine eight seven seven seven one nine eight hundred nine eight seven seven seven one nine front sight calm okay in closing doc what is it like to see this assault on the Second Amendment and bills where the Attorney General can just say without judge or jury you can’t ever own a gun if you’re on a no-fly list a million two hundred thousand and growing you can’t own a gun bills where he can just ban any guns he wants with this new executive imperial power bills to ban importation bills to ban a bunch of rifles I mean I’ve never seen such an assault with the media parroting there is no gun bill there is no anti-gun bill there is no gun control you know it’s a conspiracy theory it’s a conspiracy theory like some evil parent that seems to really be freaking people out even more and then they say oh crazy people are buying guns at record levels but the bills are there yeah well my feeling about this has always been that you know they’re not going to fool the American people and the latest huge buying surge in guns and ammunition I think that’s a pretty clear message to the government that you know they’re not fooling anybody and this is all you know all the more reason why just having guns and ammunition and survival gear is not enough you really need to have training so that you know how to use and you know there’s the purpose of front sight is to positively change the image of gun ownership by taking you know normal regular law-abiding citizens and bringing them up to a level of skill at arms that surpasses law enforcement and military standard so the truth backbone that your strength now this country isn’t get a standing army it isn’t in the National Guard it isn’t in the armed services it’s in the everyday average citizen who stands ready willing and able to defend himself his family his community in this country if needed from any enemies foreign or domestic so that’s what we’re all about and we keep responsible use of firearms against the levels that exceed that of the military and law enforcement but the difference is we do it in a very compassionate caring environment there’s no boot camp mentality there’s no drill instructor attitude you literally can bring your you know your wife and your kids at the front sight and they’re all going to experience a positive life changing experience there at front sight where they leave empowered and have the ability to defend themselves with the weapon of their choice well that’s the bottom line and I know you’ve said that if even a people don’t get the training from you they better get some basic training somewhere in this dangerous world people defending themselves as the number-one skill children should be taught young people before they’re taught anything but of course that’s not taught it’s like it’s bad to be able to defend yourself and of course says Thomas Jefferson said the you know the firearm is the best way it’s certainly good to be physically fit as well in hand-to-hand combat and things like that but it but the firearm is the best and most efficient way to defend yourself so all people will visit front sight calm and get signed up for the courses or get signed on to the free email list or check out all the free courses and things you have online at front sight calm or eight hundred nine eight seven seven seven one nine well dr. Piazza thank you so much for joining us we’ll check in with you again in the near future with reports on what’s going on from there in Nevada very good I thank you very much guys take care take care dr. Braun sitecom eight hundred nine eight seven seven seven one nine.