Local Men Complete Hand Gun Course

Kittanning Paper News Desk
May 17, 2012

From sunrise to sunset, for 12 hours a day (6:30 AM to 6:30 PM), and four days straight, three local men completed a "four-day defensive handgun course " at the world famous, privately-owned training facility located in the desert outside of Pahrump, Nevada.

Jack Bennett, Dr. Ray Voller and Bob Meoli attended the 530-acre training facility known at "Front Sight Firearms Training Institute." The organizatin trains police, miliary, and private citizens. in the correct techniques of all kinds of firearms, marshal arts, repelling, and hand-to-hand combat.

Front Sight is known for its rigorous training and stringent requirements to complete a course. The handgun course stressed safety and vigilance in carrying and if necessary utilizing firearms.

The course completion was centered around a four-hour set of tests where the students were required to "clear a building with hostages (live fire), compete in a class shoot-off, and complete the timed distance range within requirements of accuracy and speed (1.5 seconds to draw and fire 2 rounds on target).

The school states that students completing this course are better trained and now have the skills and can shoot better that 90% of the population (including police).