Front Sight RESTRUCTURING. My Reaction

The Late Boy Scout
January 27, 2022

Unedited transcript

Hey guys welcome back it’s shane from the late boy scout channel thanks for clicking on this video first off yeah it has been a while since i've spoken to you like this here on youtube there’s good reason today and i'll explain that secondly let me tell you about my first experience with front sight long time ago back in the early days of my channel i got a four day certificate to go down to front sight so i took advantage of that made the trip got the training spent the ammo spent the money recorded the whole thing that is to say recorded summaries of each day and took lots of pictures each day so you can't film down there and then made those videos posted them here on youtube and got lots of great feedback about those videos people enjoyed them people thank me for them people came up to me and said thank you for making those front sight videos on subsequent trips down to front sight when i went down there and learned new things on rifle pistol shotgun i went down with my wife went down with my son i had people come up to me almost every single time down there thank you for doing those videos you're the reason why i'm here at front sight right now a lot of great compliments a lot of great thanks a lot of good feedback on those videos good performance on those videos on youtube and so on and so forth did frontside ever pay me for that absolutely not did frontside ever give me any discounts for any of that no any sort of tangible or verbal thank you none whatsoever i didn't mind because i was getting what i wanted good training and good content that worked for me fast forward to today front sight is restructuring they're changing the entire structure of what they offer their students and their members and it’s bad and we're going to get into all of that in this video so stick around [Music] now before i get into the details of front sight’s restructuring let me first remind you guys that youtube is very unfriendly to gun and firearm related content like this so 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range make you look into that safe and see it and say yeah man i like that gun that’s my favorite gun right there check out use the link down below as i said so they can track it and see that you came from this video and of course take 15 off by using code the late boy scout when you check out their vinyl wraps are extremely affordable i highly recommend that you go and check those out all right so let’s get into this story guys i'm not going to tell you everything that led up to this because i don't fully understand all of it only ignatius piazza seems to and man is he verbose i mean he’s described it all in his in his weekly or daily emails that he sends out they are so so long and difficult to get through and to read i mean it’s like you're reading a billy mays commercial for flex tape or something like that that is like just pummeling you with details and like overblown sales points and so forth for like 20 000 words they're they're insane long long long emails and i don't read the majority of them but this one went out i think this past weekend and i had to read through the entire thing somebody sent it to me brought to my attention to make sure that i knew what was going on with front sight and so i read the whole thing and i'm going to try to summarize just the most important stuff for you right now what basically sparked all of this is the fact that uh front sight got into some financial difficulties how did that happen according to them they made a bad deal with some guy and they sent a lot of emails out over the past couple of years referring to this guy as the enemy of front sight but they made some deal with this guy they put some money out there money didn't come back like they expected and now they're seriously short on cash so all of the benefits and all of the good times that we remember as members uh front sight members going down there and you know just basically paying a background check fee and not much more to be able to get your training as often as you want you could go down there as many times as you wanted as a member those days are gone those days are absolutely gone they've restructured everything so that members now have to pay a monthly fee or annual depending on how you want to charge it or pay it in order to just keep your membership plus you have to pay a fee a couple of fees like three different fees every single day that you are there getting your training for whatever class you're taking also a whole lot of the classes they used to offer they're not offering anymore the alaska facility they shut that down um a lot of things are just kind of wiped off the slate they're not there anymore front sight is completely restructured what they're offering and how and this is huge this is pretty huge i'll go through just a short list of the notes that i took this is not everything from the email not remotely but here’s just a few things so now there’s something called fs bucks they they they write it out f dollar sign bucks so i i'm just going to call it fs bucks and front sight coins and this is something that each member will have sort of in their account and be able to use that towards different fees be able to buy ammo with it things like that i think maybe pro shop stuff i'm not sure but fs bucks and front sight coins are now a thing also as i said before the courses have been reduced to only firearm classes so i think the youth courses the nighttime courses the ropes courses the empty handed defense and edge weapon courses they're gone it’s all just firearm related courses and again i'm pretty positive that there’s no nighttime courses anymore champion club never paid much attention to that but that’s closed now the ammo club is closed the alaska facility like i said before is now closed and also if you have a bank of memberships in your account like ones that you've accumulated or bought at some time or another that you intended to transfer to somebody or another now costs a thousand bucks to transfer that fee to somebody else a thousand bucks it used to be a hundred bucks now it’s a thousand bucks to transfer your membership to somebody else yeah so if you want to get memberships for everybody in the family thousand bucks per pop per person that’s the deal there now this is the other really huge thing all ammo that you shoot at front sight has to be purchased at front sight now no more of this bringing ammo that you had you know at home in storage or whatever where you've been holding on to it for five years accumulating enough so that you and a bunch of friends can take a trip down there and you've got everybody covered for ammo not anymore no all the stuff you bought like three four five years ago for really cheap all that nine millimeter 45 or 380 or whatever it is you wanted to shoot you cannot bring any of that with your front sight if you're going to shoot anything at front side any ammo at front sight it has to be ammo that you purchased from front sight there for the class is that stupid or what that’s really stupid i i hate that next uh the membership maintenance fee i mentioned this before you have to pay 50 per month just to maintain your membership to keep your membership that you bought or acquired in whatever way you have to pay 50 bucks a month just to maintain it to keep it or you can pay 500 a year in one lump sum and that also maintains it pretty huge pretty huge uh but that’s not all um there’s also this one hundred thousand dollars in liability insurance that everybody has to have if you don't have one hundred thousand dollars in liability insurance that you've already accumulated or purchased or whatever for yourself from whatever your insurance company is then you instead have to pay 25 a day for front sight liability insurance per each student per day that you're attending that class per day so 25 bucks per day that you're attending your class so four day course that’s 100 bucks for your liability insurance okay that you're buying from front sight next facility fee you have to pay a 25 per day per student facility fee um while you're at that class so that’s another if it’s a four-day course that’s another 100 bucks then there’s a 25 a day staff support fee per student per day while you're at that class again four day course there’s another 100 bucks so that’s 300 bucks 300 bucks for a four-day course and that doesn't count maintaining your membership and all that so this is pretty huge guys yeah it used to be a fantastic deal front sight where you kind of just got your membership and then you could kind of take classes whenever you wanted to and it was a very nominal fee to go down there and you could buy your ammo there or not buy your ammo there but this is one of these cases where i think front sight seriously seriously over promised with some big big plans and maybe shot way beyond the target that they could actually reach in in the case of the plans that they had for front sight and because of that reached a little too far got a little too close to the sun and now we're all paying the price as front sight members but this is the other thing if you do not pay your 25 sorry 50 dollars a month to maintain your membership and right now we're near the end of january so if i don't pay my fifty dollars at the end of this this month to maintain my membership guess what happens to my membership poof gone doesn't exist anymore yeah smoke same with all you guys if you have a front sight membership and you don't pay your 50 bucks per month to maintain it poof gone you just don't have a membership anymore and all of the benefits all the credits all the anything you've ever accrued in regards to front sight tied to your membership all gone all gone so 500 bucks a month a year if you want to keep that then 300 bucks well a hundred dollars no three wait a second 75 75 per day for any class that you take by the way if you feel like this is a good deal for you and you still want to maintain it i'm not saying don't by all means do it because you gotta weigh that against what do other courses cost at other places what do they give you versus what front sight gives you maybe it’s worth going other places now i don't know as for me i don't think i'm gonna pay this i don't think i'm gonna do it because we've got at least three in this household and i wanted to have two more for my other two kids and that’s a lot of memberships to pay for and maintain and i just don't think i want to do that so what am i going to do i'm not going to pay it by all means if you guys want to uh to pay that and to continue your memberships i would encourage you to do so i have no obligation whatsoever and no loyalty whatsoever to front sight as i said at the beginning of this video i made a ton of videos promoting front sight talking about front sight all for my own benefit as far as views and as far as you know channel earnings and so forth and for my own benefit as far as learning but they never gave me anything for it they were never remotely interested in giving me anything for it so why would i feel any sort of loyalty to stick with them at this point i don't know maybe i should maybe i shouldn't but i'm inclined to let that lapse and that’s what i'm going to do i you do what you want to do but i wanted to sort of put this out there because and and bring this to you guys in video especially because you know after all those videos that i posted that i made that people thank me for that i became sort of known for i feel some duty some responsibility as the sort of youtube front sight guy in a sense to give you my perspective and my reaction to this extraordinary reorganization of front sight it’s a massive restructuring and i think it’s going to result in a loss of a number of students um i don't think i'll make any predictions beyond that it'd be a little uncouth to say anything else but that’s kind of where i'm at guys i am not going to be paying the fees and i'm not going to be maintaining my membership so uh what will i do i'll look for some interesting things to do elsewhere but that’s up to you to decide will you do the same i don't know in any case i appreciate you watching once again go see go to that website check it out and order yourself some skins for your firearms 15 off with code delay boy scout use the link down below so they know i sent you over once again thanks for watching we'll see y'all later.