January 23, 2022 response

Re: My Personal Message to YOU with Answers to the Most Asked Questions Regarding the Restructuring of Front Sight and the Changes in Your Membership (1/23/2022, 1:59 p.m.)

Dr. Piazza,

To save time, I will try not to rehash objections I have expressed in my previous responses.

You wrote:

The reference to members was to demonstrate I had done everything I could to inform members of the need for their participation in the fight against the criminals attempting to steal Front Sight […]

You certainly informed us of your view of the situation, but you somehow neglected to mention that the so-called con man had loaned you $6 million. Your court filing reads, after Front Sight had paid at least $512,500 in fees and expenses, Front Sight has only received $6,375,000 in Construction Loan disbursements. Maybe for a millionaire patriot such as yourself, $6 million isn’t a big deal, but for those of us lower on the economic ladder this seems like a substantial amount of money; substantial enough that it could be the true cause of this dispute, and not the money that you claim has been stolen.

You wrote:

[…] it has personally cost me MILLIONS of dollars in legal costs, and even more, TENS of millions of dollars, in damages. Believe me, I have paid a steep price for my mistake.

Speaking of money, you imply that the monthly membership fees and the daily use fees, along with other day-to-day expenses, have always been paid by Front Sight due to your generosity, even though this was not a sustainable business model for Front Sight. I think many members would be interested to learn how much your personal net worth has risen over the years that you were depriving Front Sight of the funds it needed to be viable in the long term? How about your family’s? How about Brad Ackman’? In other words, who has been fiddling with member monies while Front Sight burned?

You wrote:

[…] If a spouse, son, or daughter cannot continue as a member, I will transfer all of their F$ Bucks, FS Coins, TBD Memberships and TBD Certificates to the family member who continues with Front Sight. This way your family loses nothing, even if they cannot continue as members. Please choose at least ONE member of your family TODAY to continue as an active member of Front Sight and pay the Membership Maintenance Fee. […]

Not to belabor the obvious, but this is yet again a technique for converting what has been paid for (valuable family memberships) into worthless Front Sight fiat currency, with members paying a ransom for something that is not a benefit to them: Front Sight memberships. The costs — both up-front and long-term — of Front Sight memberships under your restructuring plan far exceed any possible benefit for anyone who is not wealthy enough to attend Front Sight courses many times per year. As such, you are turning Front Sight from a resort into a timeshare.

In closing, I again urge you to renounce this restructuring and hold true to the promises you have made for years and which are, in fact, still made on frontsight.com.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA