January 27, 2022 response

Re: Important Update: Front Sight Restructure on HOLD for Member Input and Consensus (1/27/2022 3:56 p.m.)

Dr. Piazza,

Thanks for putting the restructuring of Front Sight on hold, but it appears there are still issues.

You wrote:

You Will Not Lose Your Membership

This is very confusing. There two main thrusts of your restructuring e-mails have been 1) Front Sight has not been charging enough to cover costs, so members are going to have to cover costs or Front Sight cannot continue, and 2) Front Sight was the victim of a con man, and members must send money to prevent him from seizing control of the facility. If there is a danger that the con man will prevail in court, how can you flatly state that we will not lose our memberships? It leads one to think that perhaps there is no real threat from this con man.

You wrote:

As an additional show of my thanks and gratitude for our GOLD STAR Members, I am placing 5-10 TIMES what you paid for your Membership Maintenance Fees into your F$ Bucks account […]

At this point, I should not be surprised by your latest conversion of member assets into worthless Front Sight script but I am. I have seen a screen shot of one Front Sight member who has more than 800 quintillion Front Sight Patronage Points in his account. One member. It would seem that this one member alone could sponsor every person on the planet to come to Front Sight and have points left over, but maybe I lost a decimal place. If each of these points was worth even 1/100th of a cent, this member would be far wealthier than any combination of millionaires and billionaires we currently know. The only conclusion that one can reach is that these points are worthless.

Front Sight Patronage Points

You wrote:

One positive change that will remain, that all the members love, is the F$ Bucks now being used to purchase pro shop items and ammunition.

True, but as per usual you have left out the fact that before you can take advantage of this, you need to turn over to Front Sight additional assets in one form or another.

You wrote:

  • […]
  • You will not lose your membership.
  • You will not lose any items in your account.
  • […]
  • Your memberships are intact with no maintenance fees.
  • […]

You continue to equivocate between whether the memberships are ours or yours, whether items in our accounts are ours or yours, and whether our lifetime memberships are as advertised. If these items are ours, then for you to take them from us is theft. If they are not ours, why do you insist on referring to them otherwise? And if they are not ours, are we renting them? Leasing them? Timesharing them?

Finally, you repeatedly assured us that you were forced to restructure Front Sight to keep it afloat. Now, suddenly, the immediacy has passed. You are not doing yourself or Front Sight any favors by changing your story like this. You should have learned this from past experience such as this one and this one and this one and this one.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA