Another follow-up letter to Dr. Piazza (February 16, 2022)

Re: Time to Make a Decision. Here's WHY Restructure, Hold, 2 Paths emails were sent. Support Member Owned Front Sight. Become Gold Status TODAY (2/16/2022, 9:54 a.m.)

Dr. Piazza,

I’ve written to you a couple of times before about this issue, but other than one form e-mail implying that you would be getting back to me soon, I have not received any substantive responses.

You may review our correspondence here.

There are many questions raised by your recent statements, including what Front Sight is, which Front Sight are we the members of, which Front Sight holds the assets, which Front Sight holds the liabilities, why the Front Sight property is split into two pieces, how much have you made over the years while running Front Sight at a loss, how much have other members of your family made while you were running Front Sight at a loss, and how the members are going to inherit Front Sight from you when you have other family members who seem currently to be involved? There are many other questions, but let’s start with those.

I am disappointed to read that you admit lying to members such as myself in order to get what you want. Obviously, the next questions are, What else have you lied about? and Are you still lying now?

Of course, the big question is, How in the world are you going to repair the damage your so-called restructuring announcement has done to the Front Sight community?

One last comment: Despite how you characterize those of us who have not sent you all the money you think we should have, it is possible to love Front Sight but not to love — or support — you, especially when you repeatedly lie to us. The training we get at Front Sight is valuable. Your falsehoods and counter-productive actions are not. If you are serious about preserving and sustaining Front Sight, drop the falsehoods, half-truths, and counter-productive actions and focus on providing good training at a fair price.

Feel free to call me if you want to talk about this.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA