Demand letter (February 25, 2022)

Front Sight Management Inc.
Ignatius Piazza, President
1 Front Sight Road
Pahrump, NV 89061


I am in receipt of your February 7th correspondence and check.

I disagree with all assertions and accusations regarding any … tone and content of your communications about the Front Sight organization … which would be the basis to close (cancel) my membership. I request that you provide a detailed and specific copy and/or link to any and all of those which you reference and cite as basis of your decision to close my membership. At this time, the only communications that I have sent to Front Sight was my 01/25/22 email objecting to your authority or ability to unilaterally change the specific details or benefits of my Diamond Membership.

Secondly, the Full Membership Refund check in the amount of $451 does not fully represent the past costs nor future value of my Diamond Membership. I disagree that this represents a Full Membership Refund as asserted in your 02/07/22 correspondence and check. I paid well over $2,000 for my Diamond Membership. I purchased it from another Front Sight Member who purchased them from Front Sight in his membership. He was afforded the right, as a member/agent of Front Sight, to resell those memberships as part of his membership purchase and asset value. Furthermore, Front Sight and Ignatius Piazza have repeatedly asserted in the past on the Front Sight web page that the Diamond Membership is worth over $75,000. Nonetheless, Front Sight replaced and upgraded my Diamond Membership to a Founder membership level in November 2021. This exchange/replacement/upgrade now grants me legal and direct claims to and with Front Sight. That membership value is stated, on the Front Sight website as of today, to be worth over $100,000.

Therefore, in order to cancel, close, revoke, or otherwise buy out my membership and settle all claims and rights, demand is hereby made for an immediate additional payment and balance refund in the amount of $101,549, via certified funds or cashiers check. I continue to reserve all rights and claims until such payment is received.

Gary Short

Author’s note: I would like to also recommend that EVERYONE who has been banned file a complaint with the Nevada Better Business Bureau. Wait until you get your check and banishment letter. Submit that letter/check and a copy of anything/everything that you have received or sent to Front Sight, including screenshots of your membership values, points, original certificate of membership, etc. Explain what happened, including what you paid for the membership and the Front Sight stated values. If the BBB is flooded with Front Sight complaints, it may cause Front Sight to step back, pause, and retreat. Maybe. But, complaints stay public and on record. We want to get the word out so that others are not taken advantage of like we were. The last time that there was an overwhelming push back against IP/FS, he/they retreated. Maybe we can see that again. Maybe.