Front Sight lawsuit updates (April 20, 2022)

California court case (doxing lawsuit): The trial is set for Monday, May 2nd, and should last 4-5 Days. See previous updates for other details about the cases.

Nevada court case (foreclosure action): Because Dr. Piazza is in Texas, the lenders are trying to obtain his deposition in the case. That realistically probably won’t happen until about August 2022. With the delay tactics being implemented, this foreclosure action could take more time than was originally anticipated.

Our collective lawsuit (class action): Because we are dependent on receiving the most for our collective monies, we are advised to wait until the foreclosure action is complete or nearly complete before we file our suit, otherwise we could end up with a hypothetical $100 million judgment worth zero.

Stay vigilant and stay strong and we will prevail. When we ask you for documents or sign petitions or contact certain entities, please respond immediately because sporadically we need swift action despite the apparent slowness of the justice system.

— Gary Miller