Letters: Bob W. to Dr. Piazza (January 23, 2022)

Re: Initial ‘Restructuring’ Announcement

Dr. Piazza:

I just finished reading your restructuring e-mail. With all due respect, to say I’m filled with any number of negative reactions would be an understatement.

Many years ago, my son, daughter and I attended the initial Two-Day Intro Handgun Safety training session at Front Sight. This was months AFTER, sight unseen, I began contributing to Front Sight.

I had heard about Front Sight while stopping in Parhump at an ammo shop on our way to Death Valley. After returning home (we live in Indiana) I was impressed enough to begin contributing to a long string of monetary promotions offered by you. It was on our next trip to the Las Vegas area we participated in the course.

Impressed?? You bet we were. That’s why, as I mentioned, I began contributing thousands of dollars to your promotions and special offers figuring your vision and plans for the future of Front Sight were not only ambitious but something I wanted to be part of and eventually pass along to my son.

Now you’re telling me unless I pay $500 a year (regardless of where the funds come from) to be member (as if my contributions over the years didn’t classify as such) of Front Sight, I will lose all I’ve accumulated thru the years of participating/contributing WHEN I COULD AFFORD IT!!!

I’m retired and on a fixed income. Over the years, I wish I could participate in the latest offering from you/Front Sight but the funds weren’t there to do it. Especially over the last few years since the introduction of the China Virus when cash flow became — and still is — of utmost importance to me and countless others like me.

Frankly, with this Restructuring I’m glad I didn’t contribute/lose any more and I’m glad I didn’t send you $50 — for what?

I totally get the issue with the law suit. In my previous life I was involved in one myself when I ran a successful multi-national business. So I empathize with you and what it’s doing to your plans and how it’s impacting people associated with Front Sight.

Perhaps this whole law suit — steal Front Sight mess could have been avoided if you and your management would have done better vetting job of this individual as well as had an iron-clad agreement to prevent such a thing from happening in the first place. Members are now being punished for these mistakes after your repeated efforts to support your legal fund. And how long will the law suit go on?? If you haven’t obtained good enough attorneys to win a clearly fraudulent law suit in four years, when would your please save Front Sight campaign stop? Five, six, seven years?? Most likely — if at all!.

But now, of all times, you come out with these rules, New Regulations and mandates. Are you kidding me? You think by imposing all these new rules you’re going to generate more funds; create more good will; enhance your reputation; generate excitement for your plans; continue to get support from people who have been there for years contributing what they could when they could? If you do, you’re WAY OFF BASE — in my humble opinion.

I have told countless people over the years about Front Sight and as a result have sent many folks there to participate in various programs. That will cease immediately. There is no way I can support an organization which in one fell swoop, sent out an e-mail destroying any confidence whatsoever in the organization and the people who run it.

The ironic thing? We are in the process of moving from Indiana to within easy driving distance of Front Sight and was so looking forward to having my family participate in more courses while using all the benefits I have personally accumulated over the years. Guess that ain’t happen’n! Already conducted the research and I see many other alternatives available to me and my family in that area.

If I had the time, money and connections, most likely I’d bring a law suit against you but I have none of those.

I’m sure someone in your current membership will. If it’s a class action suit, I’ll have my name on it. Not sure how you’re going to fund your defense when you have no members to contact for money.

I’d say good luck but you’ll need more than that to keep Front Sight alive. You’ll need someone who can come up a much better strategy than take away; charge; and threaten.

I would suggest you find an individual or PR firm to repair the membership damage you are now causing with statements like this:

Regardless of whether you think the changes Front Sight has made are needed and welcomed or not, REMEMBER THIS: Too many of the members, when repeatedly asked to participate to Finish The Fight, DID NOTHING to protect Front Sight against deceitful enemies attempting to steal Front Sight over a four year, fraudulent foreclosure action.

Signing off as:
Once-a-Member (at some meaningless level),

Bob W., Mishawaka, IN
Viet Nam Combat Veteran

PS. why not go ahead right now — January 23, 2022 rip the band-aid off and cancel my account?

You can put lipstick on a pig — but it’s still a pig!!!!!