Letters: Bob W. to Dr. Piazza (January 29, 2022)

Re: Survey #1

To Whom It May Concern:

I submitted the survey but to me the questions are almost irrelevant to the issues at hand!

#1. I have no way of knowing if Front Sight is the BEST firearms training facility IN THE WORLD! Do I really like the facility and instructors — you bet. Wouldn’t have contributed over the years if I didn’t like it. But that’s my only reference so can’t speak to the rest of the world. I’ve been a remember for 5+ years — that should be an indication of my view of Front Sight.

#2. How in the world would I ever know this? This is the VERY first time I have ever seen these numbers. Have you ever surveyed the non-participants as to WHY they haven’t done so? Might be a good idea.

Your Litigation Funding is a very nebulous term. WHY have you had to spend an alleged $2M and WHY hasn’t this been settled if all the FACTS ARE ON YOUR SIDE as you have claimed — seems pretty cut and dry to me when you use those terms! Who is not doing what and why? Seems like you might want to consider new legal representation if this has been going on for so many years with no results. When, BTW, when did one unscrupulous person become people?

#3. Same questions as in #2.

#4. NO — again — when did one individual because plural — enemies?

You have done a horrible job, in my humble opinion, explaining the exact status of this fraudulent attempt to steal Front Sight. But, the again maybe that’s on purpose. And exactly how are these funds spent? Seems like several lawyers are getting very rich off Front Sight members.

Sorry but in this day and age of misinformation I’m not seeing many facts to support all this.


Bob W., Mishawaka, IN