Night Sights Don’t See in the Dark!

You may never have contemplated the situation before, but let’s think about it now:

If it is too dark to see what is in your opponent’s hands, then you can’t identify a threat and you should not shoot, even if you can see your night sights.

If it is light enough to identify your opponent as a threat then is it light enough to see your sights so you don’t really need night sights.

Most people are unaware that night sights by themselves are only useful for about 20 minutes during a normal 24 hour period.

It is in that short window of time, when the sun is going down (or coming up) and there is still enough light to identify your target as a threat, but not enough light to clearly see your sights, that nights sights really shine as an important addition to your weapon.

So should you have night sights on your tactical weapons for the potential need to use them in that very limited tactical niche of 20 minutes in every 24 hour period?YES.


Because most gun fights occur in low light and night time conditions. If you work in an artificial light environment as a warehouse night watchman, shopping mall security guard, or city police officer on the night shift, then you will find night sights particularly useful in the shadows of street lights and security lighting.

What kind of night sights should you have?

Keep it simple. There are plenty of choices but the three dot (two dots on the rear sight and one dot on the front sight) system is fast and simple.

If your night sights have a white ring around them, then see Gun Training Report #2 again where I talk about blacking out the white rings for better accuracy during day time use.

In my next reportI will discuss the proper use of a flashlight so you can identify a threat when there is not enough natural light to do so.

I look forward to seeing you at Front Sight soon!


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Front Sight Founder and Director
Four-Weapons Combat Master
Your host of Front Sight Challenge Reality TV Series

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