Front Sight Firearms Training Experience

Video Transcription:

Tom Scott

I’m sixty six years old. There are things on the news every day of my life that I’m seeing, that we’re all seeing, that I think would make any prudent person want to get some training. I think that if people knew about Front Sight you wouldn’t have enough room out here to train them all.

Beth Fisher

I came away from the Martial Arts first weekend realizing that I could defend myself whether or not I had a weapon. I could take care of myself and it gave me an inner confidence that I don’t think I’d had before.

John Classen

Actually, what you learn here at Front Sight, the thing that you don’t want to do, is have to use deadly force. They teach you the moral consequences, the moral ring you might want to risk your life for. And so when you leave here you are thinking about just when would I use deadly force, and these are all the consequences. And so therefore, for me, it was like man I don’t know anything except my life, that’s worth using deadly force for.

(Next Guy)

I’ve been a policeman too long to think that it’s a really safe world out there and everything works well. My wife travels, my children travel. With the training they’ve received here I’m a lot more comfortable, I’m a lot more at ease that if that emergency, if that ugly situation happens, they will be able to recognize it, recognize what they need to do to get away, to escape, to survive it. And that’s priceless to me.

(Next lady)

We are here doing the Ropes, and Repelling and Climbing Class and the real reason that I came to do this class is because I have an incredible fear of heights. Even in buildings if you go up high, you go look out the window and have to look down, I don’t enjoy that. And I thought well what better way to conquer that fear than to come to Front Sight and take the Ropes and Repel Class. We just went off a high tower over there and the first step was really difficult but after that it was just so much fun and I realized I didn’t need to be afraid anymore because I was secure in the ropes and the equipment. It was really a mind over my body and what it was doing. And I feel like a new person in some sense, in some regard because I was able to overcome that fear.