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FROM:Dr. Ignatius Piazza
February 12, 1998

Dear Friend and Student,

This is an extremely exciting letter for me to write to you for reasons I'll explain in a moment.

But first, I want to share with you a very strong endorsement I recently received from Mr. Lee Kite, a gun shop owner and reserve deputy sheriff who has attended several of our courses. He writes...

"With as many courses as I have attended at a great many schools, I am convinced that you have the best instructional staff I have ever encountered anywhere. Front Sight courses are the greatest time you could possibly have with firearms, and you will return home much better equipped (mentally and physically) to face your daily encounters. You will get more out of Front Sight courses than any other course-- bar none. Front Sight is truly a class act!"

That kind of an endorsement means a lot to me, especially coming from a gun shop owner who has been around a long time and seen it all. In fact, I understand Mr. Kite has certificates on his wall from the first few courses taught by Col. Jeff Cooper, the Father of Modern Pistol Technique! What Lee mentions is exactly what we endeavor to give to each student at every course we teach: Life-saving, world class firearms skills that will unfailingly protect you and your loved ones for the rest of your lives.

Our Commitment To Your Success and Enjoyment

Recently we held our Free Submachine Gun course as part of our Student Appreciation Weekend. It was a huge success, with nearly 200 students attending over the 4-day event! Each student trained with three different sub guns-- HK MP5, Beretta 12S, and the Uzi. As I'm sure you can imagine, this event costs us a small fortune to provide, but it is worth every penny to us when we see all the smiles and excitement on our student's faces. I look forward to seeing you at our Free Submachine Gun course in January of next year. All you have to do to qualify for admission is attend one of our courses any time during 1998 and you too will be invited to the only event in the firearms training industry that provides the submachine guns, ammunition, instruction, and food and beverages all free of charge. I personally guarantee that you will have the time of your life!

Courses Filling Fast! Sign Up Now For Best Dates!

We are off to another record year at Front Sight. We currently have three times the number of students enrolled in courses, as compared to the same time last year-- and this is only February 12!

So PLEASE NOTE: If you have prepaid for a course, but have not yet selected a date, I urge you to act quickly and determine the date that's best for you. Then contact me personally-- right away-- because I want to make sure you get in before all of our most popular dates fill up. You should really try to do this within the next few weeks, because the courses are filling fast, and I truly want you to secure the date that is best for you.

Just so you know, the courses that are currently filling the fastest are the Four Day Defensive Handgun in the Spring and Fall months and all of our Practical Rifle courses. For our returning students, the Two Day Advanced Tactical Handgun and Two Day Handgun Skill Builder courses are quickly reaching capacity too. So please... If you plan on taking these courses CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY to enroll, or it might be too late.


I am very pleased to tell you that I have now secured the required permits to begin developing the 550 acres of land that Front Sight owns in Las Vegas, Nevada-- just a 25 minute drive from the Strip! It seems like it has taken forever (almost 8 years) to bring my vision for a world class training facility to fruition. But now, all the obstacles and frustrations are behind me and we are moving full speed ahead!

As you read this letter, my engineers are fine tuning the grading and site plans while the architects work on the specific structural aspects of the project. So by this time next year, Front Sight will finally have a world class facility to match our world class instructional program!


In order to give you a "sneak preview" of the incredible training opportunities youll have at our new facility in Las Vegas, I have arranged to hold a phenomenal "Ground Breaking Celebration and Special Student Status Event" at a major luxury hotel casino in Las Vegas this Spring! The entire event will be free of charge-- including your room at the hotel, tickets to a specially arranged Las Vegas show, mid-morning brunch, special drawings and prizes, and even HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS in free gambling action!

Your invitation to this event will be coming in the mail to you very soon, so watch your mail box. I don't have enough space in this letter to tell you all that I have in store for you at this event, but let me assure you, you won't want to miss it. For instance, you will have a hands-on, direct role in determining the type of high-tech target systems and video simulator systems we will purchase for the new facility. I'm arranging to have all the manufacturers of all the best systems attend the event, set up demonstration displays, and let YOU, our students, decide which ones you like the best and would love to have at our facility. Then we'll take a vote and the top-choice systems will be the ones we install.

All of this will be done because we have our sights set on one clearly defined target: Creating the world's top firearms training facility to match our world class instructional program, with no other school even coming close to comparison. So look for your special invitation to Front Sight's Las Vegas Ground Breaking Celebration and Special Student Status Event. It will be a weekend in Las Vegas like no other and you won't want to miss!

New Buddy System Pricing In Our 1998 Brochure

I'd like to call your attention to our new Buddy System Pricing. I designed it to save you and your buddy 25% on course fees and 50% on your travel expenses, while helping others receive the same great training experience. Check it out, then bring a buddy and save some money!

And, included below, I have included a few more selected endorsements from the numerous letters we've received-- just in the last few weeks. Read what our students have to say about their experience at Front Sight and see if their words don't peak your interest in acquiring the same skills that they now have. Use the testimonials to encourage your family and friends to attend a course with you-- now made even easier because of Front Sight's unique Buddy System Pricing.

1998 is going to be a great year for everyone involved with Front Sight-- especially you, our student. Be sure to give me a call to enroll for the best dates available before they are all booked up. And make plans to attend our Las Vegas Ground Breaking Celebration and Special Student Status Event once you get your invitation. It's going to have more kicks than a Las Vegas chorus line!

See you soon!



Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

P.S. All courses for 1998 will be held at the same Bakersfield, California location we've used for the past two years. Believe me when I tell you that by attending a course in Bakersfield in 1998 you will position yourself to receive unbelievable additional student benefits in 1999. I can't wait until you see what we have lined up for you at our new 550 acre site in Las Vegas! It will all be revealed when you attend the Las Vegas Ground Breaking Celebration and Special Student Status Event... and it's going to be like no other event ever offered in the firearms training industry!

P.P.S. I almost forgot to ask you for a little help. As I'm sure you would agree, this Spring is going to be a very very busy time for me, with full courses in Bakersfield, the Ground Breaking Celebration in Las Vegas, and our new facility construction in full swing. If you haven't noticed when calling our toll free number, I always answer the phone personally when I am in the office because I like a very hands-on approach in communicating and assisting Front Sight's students. I want the opportunity to personally assist you in enrolling in your courses for 1998 before my Spring schedule kicks into full force. Personally handling a large number of 1998 enrollments in the next 30 days will also save me the cost of an additional administrative assistant for the rest of the year. This savings I can pass on to you. So to encourage to you enroll early I will provide you with a $75.00 savings on any courses you wish to attend in 1998 as long as I receive your application by March 15. Just write "March 15, $75.00 Savings" on your Application for Instruction and deduct the $75.00 from the course cost! Thank you again for helping me help you and those you refer to Front Sight.


A selected few of the numerous endorsement letters we received in the last few weeks.

"During the course of my training I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of the Front Sight Training Cadre. I have attended several other major firearms schools throughout the country and found that the quality at Front Sight met or exceeded all others. The staff is extremely competent, very safety conscious, and helpful with all students.

I was also impressed with the caliber of the students. In my class there were numerous law enforcement officers, several attorneys, businessmen, and professionals. The quality of the student appeared higher than normally observed in firearms training. Overall, they were intelligent, articulate, and dedicated to safe firearms training.

I am sufficiently impressed with the quality of instruction at Front Sight that I am sending several subordinates for additional training. Two of our staff firearms instructors will attend the Four Day Tactical Shotgun course, one instructor will attend the Four Day Practical Rifle course, and I will return for the Advanced Tactical Handgun course. I only dedicate our limited training resources to the highest caliber training available and I feel that Front Sight provides that training."

Lieutenant Jeffrey Hall, DPS Academy Commander

"I have found every course I've taken at Front Sight to be more than worth my time, effort and money. All the training has been safe, professional, and has increased my skill level with each weapon used. There is no excuse for the gun owning public to be unconsciously incompetent in their gun handling, marksmanship, and tactical skills when Front Sight has such a great schedule of courses available to all of us."

Michael Meacher, Investment Banker

"As usual, you and your instructors did an outstanding job of teaching, but something else happened on the morning of the Submachine Gun course that really touched me. That morning, I woke up with a headache and the beginning of a cold that left me feeling less than my best. Then I locked my keys in the rental car which made me miss the morning lecture. By the time I got out to the range I did not have my normal confidence. In fact, I was feeling pretty intimidated and ready to skip the course. Since this was a Free Student Appreciation Submachine Gun course, you could have easily let me drop out and saved a bunch of ammunition, but you and your instructors wouldn't let me quit! They helped me catch up. They encouraged me to try. They stuck by me through every exercise. At first it was a struggle as the weapons felt heavy and my arms were shaking. But by the afternoon I was controlling two and three shot bursts from the submachine guns and having a great time like everyone else!

Left on my own, I would have quit and felt terrible for letting myself down. Because of you and your Front Sight instructors, I participated in a wonderful adventure that most people never get to experience. I have come to expect the usual Front Sight excellence in everything you do and I expected your instructors would go out of their way to help every single student to do his or her best. But I didn't expect to feel so supported and to have my whole attitude turned around. I love the Front Sight experience and I really appreciate all the people who make it work so well."

Gina Good, Vice President, NRG

"With as many courses as I have attended at a great many schools, I am convinced that you have the best instructional staff I have ever encountered anywhere. Front Sight courses are the greatest time you could possibly have with firearms and you will return home much better equipped (mentally and physically) to face your daily encounters. You will get more out of Front Sight courses than any other course-- bar none. Front Sight is truly a class act!"

Lee Kite, Gun Shop Owner

"Thank you for another typical first-rate, flawless Front Sight event! I often think about the fact that people really cannot appreciate how much they need this training until AFTER they have received it. This is due to what you appropriately describe as the every day level of unconscious incompetence. We really have no idea how much we do not know about lethal encounters and about the use of our gun under the stress of attack so we feel comfortable with our skill level even though it might be abominably poor! Your Four Day Defensive Handgun Course is a wake-up call and will start any student on a lifetime of safe and effective gun handling, marksmanship and tactical skill. It should be required for everyone who carries a gun or has a gun for protection."

Tom Anderson, Businessman

"As an attorney with a background in both criminal and civil litigation, I am painfully aware of the many risks confronting everyone in their daily lives. I came to Front Sight for instruction in using a pistol. At first I was a bit apprehensive when I discovered my classmates included military and law enforcement personnel with extensive firearms experience. Soon I was comforted to learn that there were many novices like me in the class including other lawyers, doctors, and housewives.

I was impressed by Front Sight's emphasis on safety at all times and I observed a group of dedicated, professional instructors who were able to take any student, regardless of their ability and improve their skills a hundred fold. All this was done without any of the boot camp mentality that many of the other schools employ. The instructors were all friendly and attentive to everyones needs. Front Sight's ratio of one instructor to every four to five students ensured complete safety and skill development.

I look forward to the day when Front Sight has a facility in Las Vegas worthy of the organization itself. Once that facility is completed, Front Sight will have no equal."

Robert V. Paskus, Attorney at Law

"I am a peace officer for a very large California state law enforcement agency, which for liability reasons I am precluded from naming. The instruction I received from my department in weapons handling was superb and my department takes firearms training seriously. Nonetheless, I decided to augment my training with additional outside instruction as I am a firm believer that you can't be too proficient with your duty sidearm. So I looked at attending one of the many weapons instruction schools in this part of the country.

After some research and asking other officers, I decided Front Sight Firearms Training Institute offered what I was looking for and I booked a Four Day Defensive Handgun course. I wondered as to what the makeup of the student body would be as well as the quality of the instruction. I could not have been more pleased with both. The students, far from being gun nuts or overzealous defenders of personal freedoms, all appeared to be serious about obtaining quality instruction on how to safely and proficiently handle their firearms. About 35% of the attendees use a firearm in their profession, with the remainder simply interested in learning how to be responsible gun owners. All took the training seriously, and there is no doubt that everyone, from the seasoned law enforcement officer to the gun neophytes, gained skills and confidence that they had not possessed earlier.

As for the instructional staff, the term professionalism does not do them justice. Each instructor was a superb weapons handler and technically without peer. Most were currently active in law enforcement and had put the skills they taught to actual use on the streets. All were extremely patient, usually more so than I would have been in their situation. Each also seemed to take a genuine interest in each students progress, spending the extra time needed to make even minor corrections. I was also impressed with the emphasis on safety. While safety and firearms can never be over emphasized, some of the precautions taken by the Front Sight staff exceed even what range masters at my department employ. In everything the Front Sight staff did, they were the consummate professionals.

My decision to offer this support for Front Sight is not a casual one, rather I so firmly believe in what Dr. Piazza stands for that supporting his efforts simply seems the right thing to do."

Sam Dickson, Law Enforcement Officer

Copyright Front Sight Firearms Training Institute,1997. All right reserved.

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