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Front Sight Continued Improvements... Our Students Speak

August 29, 1997

As you know from my posting dated August 9, 1997, Front Sight recently underwent some dramatic changes. The information you received was sent out to nearly 5000 people (students, inquiries, manufacturers, retailers, and publishers) in the firearms industry. I have received literally hundreds of phone calls, e-mails, and letters voicing support and approval of the changes. I would like to thank all of you who took the time to contact me. I do appreciate your loyalty to the organization and confidence in my administration of Front Sight. Your comments made it clear to me that the staff changes are for the better. Not only for Front Sight, but also for you as a student of Front Sight.

Several questions have risen in response to the information I sent you previously. I would like to answer the most frequently asked questions now. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions or comments.

Q: What credit cards are accepted by Front Sight?
A: Visa and Mastercard.

Q: When will Front Sight’s new home on 550 acres in Las Vegas be operational?
A: We have not missed a step in the development of Front Sight’s future, world class facility. We are actually slightly ahead of schedule and look to hold our first courses at our new facility in Las Vegas by the end of 1998.

Q: Is Front Sight accepting new instructors?
A: Front Sight’s highly qualified staff is larger than it was before the changes of July 31, 1997. We have a firm policy of one instructor for every five students on the firing line and one-on-one instruction in the live-fire, tactical training simulators. As our student base grows we are continuing to expand our staff. I am accepting resumes and will contact potential instructors personally.

Q: What changes in doctrine or techniques have occurred recently?
A: Front Sight has made some immediate improvements and is currently evaluating additional enhancements to our instructional doctrine. I would not change doctrine or technique just for the sake of changing. Realize that I do not have my name on any specific technique and I have not written heavily slanted articles in gun magazines or books stating my position on one technique against another. This makes it easy for me to be very objective and see techniques and doctrine for what they truly are. Front Sight now offers a curriculum that will truly remain on the cutting edge of weaponcraft while continuing to teach those techniques that have proven themselves over time and on the streets.

An example of a few improvements:

Q: Have you lost any students due to the recent staff changes?
A: Out of the hundreds of students scheduled and paid in full for courses I have only had three students request to cancel for refund. Those three were offset by an average of three to four students enrolling in courses every day since my letter of August 9th. Also, following the completion of our recent four day course August 22nd-25th, we had over twice the number of enrollments for future courses than we ever had at the end of any of our previous courses. Immediately below, I have listed some of the comments from students who attended courses in August-- after the staff change of July 31.

I believe you will see that they too feel Front Sight is better than ever and are coming back for more training.

There is still time to get your applications in by September 15 for the significant savings offered in my letter of August 9. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you at Front Sight!

"I attended the August 2, 1997 Front Sight Student Appreciation Weekend, Free Submachine Gun Seminar in Las Vegas. I was very impressed and excited by the skill, professionalism and easy to understand instruction given by the Front Sight instructors. I learned so much and enjoyed myself because the staff made it a fun day too. I’m eagerly looking forward to the next one."

Robert Woodworth, Retired Flight Engineer

"Extremely professional instruction as expected. Another first class experience with Front Sight. Dr. Piazza is living proof that some people DO CARE that students receive top-notch instruction...Front Sight’s curriculum gives you the tools to start, continue, and maintain your physical and mental preparation..."

Jeanne Cecchi, CEO, Grey Fox Vineyards

"The staff adjustments at Front Sight were a positive change. As a firearms instructor, I’m always trying to improve my own skills to pass on to my students. The rifle course I completed was an outstanding skill developer with lots of useful and practical information. The staff worked harder than the students to make sure that the students understood the instruction, applied the proper techniques and excelled in achieving success."

Larry Renner, Firearms Instructor

"The submachine gun seminar was fantastic! The legal use of subguns by private citizens is unique-- so a seminar
on their use with such a professional staff and the chance to visit again with of our Front Sight classmates was a memorable experience."

Eduardo Veiga, Electrical Engineer

"I learned more and had more fun than I have had with a gun in over thirty years. I now feel very confident about my ability to take care of a bad situation if I ever need to."

Bill Denton, Contractor

"If you ever plan to own a gun, you better learn to use it properly. Front Sight offers great training and great instructors. I highly recommend Front Sight. You too may get an opportunity to attend their submachine gun seminar which is not only fun and free, but very instructional."

A.C., Systems Administrator

"I have now taken handgun, shotgun, and submachine gun classes from Front Sight. The shotgun course was taught by you, Dr. Piazza and the submachine gun course by your current staff. Your courses keep getting better and better. Your method of expressing your appreciation to your students by having a free submachine gun seminar was the best yet! Your staff was professional, informative, and showed me a great time. Front Sight is a classy operation to host this type of event for all the students."

M.M., Investment Banker

"There are other schools and many good instructors, but Front Sight really cares about its students and they definitely go the extra mile and beyond. I have found few organizations that even come close to Front Sight. This is the kind of organization I enjoy doing business with. If only more companies would put in this kind of effort, I could be a happy customer more often."

Glenn Woodworth, Retired

"The subgun course was excellent. The instructors were professional and the training was outstanding. This was no ‘spray and pray’ class, but a serious study in the proper use of the submachine gun. And, it was great fun!"

Ed Turner, Marketing Director, Sun Microsystems

"I would suggest to anyone who owns a practical rifle to learn how to really use it. Front Sight’s practical rifle course will definitely teach you how to use your weapon."

Richard Barclay, Sales Engineer

"The subgun class was a blast! I learned so much. Your instructors were patient and a pleasure to learn from. I’m sure all your students appreciate your attention to detail and the way you follow through. The new Front Sight is a big success."

Cynthia Z., Web Services, Sun Microsystems

"We were able to do something that 98% of the people don’t get a chance to do and we did it for FREE! The chance to train with submachine guns and experience the strengths and weaknesses of the weapon-- it was a real eye opener."

Don Martin, Industrial Electrician

"The submachine gun class was great! There was lots of hands-on instruction (more in the first fours hours than I received in two days of my previous shotgun course) and there was no political discussion about ‘Race Wars’ or those "Damn One Worlders’ — inappropriate talk from your recently departed instructors that really pushed me away from Front Sight. Now, I will be giving my boyfriend a Front Sight class as a Christmas gift as soon as he decides which course he wants to attend."

N. F.

"Don’t just buy a gun, put it in your dresser drawer and think you are now safe. That’s stupid! For the ratio of dollars spent for training received, I think Front Sight has the most to offer. Take a class and you won’t be disappointed."

Steve Kunick, Manufacturing Planner

"The instructors that left Front Sight are not missed at all. It is nice Ignatius, to still find people with integrity who are more interested in their students than themselves. Keep it up... If you really want to know how to use a handgun, shotgun, or rifle and meet some great people and be under the guidance of great instructors, then Front Sight is the place for you."

Ron Long, Self Employed

"The submachine gun seminar was great! The instruction was first-rate. I was pleased at how well the instructors were able to get me to correct mistakes and learn to shoot the subgun properly. They were friendly, helpful, and eager to help the student learn. The entire course was well handled. It was a great day. (Didn’t miss any previous instructors at all!) I’ve have told several friends that they should take a course at Front Sight and then they can attend a future subgun course. Front Sight is great!"

Dr. Paul Gabriel, Dentist

"I had a fantastic time in the four day handgun course and learned more than I thought was possible. I would like to commend the entire staff for running the school so efficiently. The instructors and information taught at Front Sight raised my ability with a handgun to a level I didn’t think would be possible in only four days. I’m coming back and looking forward to the new facility in Las Vegas."

Jeffrey Cox, Software Consultant

"Great staff without exception. Knowledgeable and demanding of perfection, but easy going and easy to work with. An excellent program that is very challenging for the novice, but you learn a lot as a result. If you own or are around guns, you owe it to yourself and family to know how and when to use them safely for their ultimate intended purpose. You will definitely learn that and more at Front Sight!"

name withheld by request.

"The submachine gun seminar was the best one day course I have ever taken. The fact that it was free is just an added bonus. Thanks Dr. Piazza. I have taken classes from other firearms schools. I can honestly say that nobody teaches firearms techniques better than Front Sight and Front Sight practices what it preaches. Congratulations on your new teaching staff. I will be taking the Handgun Combat Master Prep course in November. See you at the four Day Practical Rifle course at the end of August."

Rodel Pareja

"The most fun I have had all year! The four day handgun course met and exceeded all my expectations. Now I am going to take another course and another and another..."

Dave Cottrell, Pediatric Dentist

"Front Sight gave me the opportunity to fulfill one of my life long goals. What an experience! Las Vegas, food and beverages, great weather, good friends and submachine guns and lots of ammo—all free to show their appreciation for me. What more could I ask for? This seminar not only confirms Dr. Piazza’s dedication in providing the best firearms training, it also shows how much he values each and every one of his students. You see it when you evaluate his new staff of trainers. All are very knowledgeable and courteous. Conspicuously absent is the macho military mentality of some of the previous instructors who acted like the student was privileged just to be in their presence. I have no doubt that Front Sight will remain the leader in the firearms industry because I saw the real leader of Front Sight at the seminar-- Dr. Piazza-- and I know how strong his commitment is to provide the best training available."

Alan Watanabe, Clinical Lab Scientist

"The quality of instruction is outstanding. The training is realistic, relevant to the self defense situations likely to occur today, and most of all fun!"

Dave Port, Law Enforcement Officer

"As usual, the level of training and instruction at the submachine gun seminar were excellent. The staff displayed their high degree of weaponcraft, were very forthcoming with training tips and suggestions, and proper procedural and tactical training. Top level instruction made easy to learn...a winning combination...the typical Front Sight program!!"

Greg Cook, Business Owner

"This is the most affordable investment you can make to secure your family from the ‘not so pleasant world. I will be attending more of these courses in the future."

M.B.M., Computer Consultant

"After attending the submachine gun seminar (my third course with Front Sight) I can say that I am thoroughly hooked. Receiving firearms training from professionals who "walk the walk and talk the talk" has instilled a confidence in me that I have not experienced before. Since attending my first course at Front Sight, I have placed first or second in virtually every shooting match that I have attended. I contribute my success to the discipline and instruction I have received from Front Sight Firearms Training Institute."

Dow Woerner, Engineer

"In light of the organizational problems you were facing, it was remarkable that you were able to pull together on such short notice a staff of professional instructors to make the submachine gun seminar such an outstanding success. Keep up the good work."

Bill West, Federal Officer

"I came to Front Sight thinking I already knew how to defend myself properly with a handgun. I quickly found out this was not so. I now have a very good foundation from which to build on and practice the right techniques and have much more confidence as well. You guys are great. Thank you so very much!"

Gary Kolander, Construction Supervisor

"If anyone plans on using a weapon for defense, they must be trained to use it well. At Front Sight they teach common sense gun handling and proper defensive tactics. Whether you own your own business, work in law enforcement, or just want to be able to protect your family, I would strongly recommend you attend Front Sight."

Frank Whitmore IV, Business Owner

"Excellent course and great instructors. The four day handgun course taught me how to properly respond to almost any threat from mugging to a home invasion. I would recommend this course to anyone who seriously wants to be a responsible gun owner."

Michael Gutterres, Civil Engineer

"Front Sight’s staff is the best. The number of instructors to students at any time during the course is far better than any other school. They also treat the students well and are so good at instruction."

Jim Foutz, Pit Boss

"Dr. Piazza has developed a firearms training institute second to none. His dedication and desire to provide his students with the best in firearms training is unparalleled in the industry. Piazza is Front Sight...the free submachine gun seminar was unexpected, overly generous, fantastic, and an experience of a lifetime. The staff was incredible, knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly. The guns and ammunition were free and it lasted all day long!"

Gary Cecchi, MD

"I consider the knowledge I have obtained in a Front Sight courses (handgun, shotgun, rifle, and submachine gun) as the best weapon you can add to your collection. It is by far the best bang for your buck and the knowledge you gain is the only weapon they can’t legislate away from you."

Vinnie Moscaritolo, Computer Consultant

"A professional and class act. Excellent style and delivery from all staff. In four days I went from being awkward with a gun and holster to being unconsciously competent with my gun handling. When I wanted the gun, it was in my hand and at the Ready or On Target. I will be back for more training."

David Lingenfelter, Engineer

"My wife and I came to the Front Sight rifle course for a good, fun weekend adventure. As a couple who enjoy outdoor activities, the training we received met and exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend this type of excitement to others. My wife had little experience in handling firearms and received so much personal attention from the instructors when she needed it. The personal assistance from Front Sight instructors was such an added value benefit for the entire training course."

Scott & Nicky Eddy, Business Consultants

"The training in the use of a handgun is invaluable for the private citizen or police officer who wants to be educated to the best of their ability. Front Sight’s four day handgun is an excellent course."

Andy Gastelum, Judge

"Defensive handgun is an excellent course. The instructors were great. Very professional and helpful and also very friendly. Everything was logical and all the skills taught were well developed over the four days."

Rick Nunnally

"Front Sight is an invaluable experience. The instructors are excellent; extremely competent but never arrogant. The techniques taught work and the lectures are both informative and thought provoking. I learned so much in the tactical simulators that I fear what might have happened to me in real life without them. The experience was first humbling and then confidence building. I’ll be back for more."

Josh Carter, Software Engineer

"You have to attend a course at Front Sight to understand what you need to know about a real-life gunfight. You will find out what to do and most important, what not to do. Carrying a firearm and how to react before and after using it are taught at Front Sight. You will find out how unprepared you are and what you need to work on."

Maciej Szczerbiak, General Contractor

"One of the reasons I attended Front Sight was to become better at shooting with my support side. I started the course close to ground zero and by the end of the four day defensive handgun course, I qualified with a Distinguished Graduate (better than 90%) score. Sticking to the class timelines was very refreshing. Many schools list an agenda but early in the day the timelines are lost. The operations ran very smoothly with a great instructor to student ratio throughout the entire course."

Nuclear Security Firearms Instructor

"I learned more in these four days than in a lifetime of range time and reading all the ‘Pro’s’ Books. I now feel very capable and confident with the weapon I trained with and more importantly, I know my limitations. The staff was well rounded and I liked that each had an area of expertise. They were also very patient and understanding."

Adam Montes de Oca, School Teacher

"A great course! Instructors were excellent and very attentive to individual needs. This course takes you from the basics all the way to being able to literally protect yourself and family from the scumbags that prey on good people. You will gain both skill and emotional growth."

Mike Krantz, Real Estate Broker

"If ever a school like this comes along, join it. These words, spoken by my gunsmith, who is very well known in the firearms industry, were not wasted on me. I took my first class from Front Sight in December and promptly enrolled myself and my two sons in Front Sight’s First Family program. My work is very dangerous. The curriculum at Front Sight is bringing me up to an Unconsciously Competent state of mind that gives me a new level of confidence in conducting my business. Like any worthwhile goal, personal commitments are required, but the investment returns itself in spades. I now have a new activity my sons and I can enjoy together. In addition, we continue to train on a regular basis with Front Sight. After all... How good is good enough when it comes to your life and the lives of your loved ones?.. Thank you Front Sight for bringing me to new levels of skill I only dreamed were possible.

Jim Lobb, Salesman

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