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Here are just a handful of literally thousands of positive letters and comments we have received from Front Sight students who have recently attended our Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle, Tactics, and Free Submachine Gun. As you read these comments, realize that these people are just like you. Prior to attending a course at Front Sight, they too, did not know what they were missing. Come to Front Sight and you will be telling your friends what these students are telling you...

If you have attended some of the ‘old’ schools you need to go to Front Sight. There are a lot of proficient shooters in the industry, but not all are professional instructors. Front Sight is the home of the professional instructors with the best facilities around.
Edwin Lowrey, US Special Forces, Retired

Student comfort and safety are stressed in a positive, team environment. Great job! The training is as good or better than any I have encountered. Very impressed by the direct and friendly teaching style, and the lack of ‘cute’ or ego-driven sayings or techniques. Solid, sound information delivered by superior instructors!
Bill Garland, Firearms Instructor, Oregon Police Academy

I approached this training with an extreme anti-gun attitude that I’ve had my whole life (50 years). Front Sight’s training definitely changed my attitude significantly. I acquired important skills to now share a new interest with my husband. Thank you Front Sight!
Mallika Albert, Massage Therapist

I did not know how much I did not know about shooting a firearm until I attended Front Sight. I grew up with guns around my house and my father was a police officer and I attended firearm classes at my local range. After Front Sight’s course, I realize how inferior and incompetent all of that previous training was. Thank you for helping me become a safe and responsible gun owner.
Tony Wise, Pawnbroker

I thought I knew what I was doing. After attending the Four Day Handgun course I now know what I did not know and learned and improved a ton! Excellent instruction. The personnel and training techniques are top notch. I will go back for more training.
Bryon R. Benz, Captain, US Army

When Front Sight said they can guarantee improvement, I had to see it to believe it. The class made me realize how much I did not know about handling a firearm in a confrontational situation. I am so much better and much more confident now, after taking the class. Front Sight came through for me and they will come through for you.
Julie Aliconar, Commercial Title Officer

Incredibly patient and sincere instructors. They really want to help and went the extra mile for all students. I have been shooting rifles for 25 years and I now know twice as much as I did when I walked into the class on the first morning.
David Kernan, Information Systems

The level of professionalism and competence at Front Sight will surprise and delight you. It is truly an opportunity that must be experienced.
Dennis Murphy, Banker

As I have attended two other well known schools, I would have to say that Front Sight is the best firearms school I have attended.
Mike Hrobuchak, Airline Pilot

It’s great! Not just this course, but all courses offered are appealing to do as soon as possible to improve knowledge, skills and abilities with the best in the field.
Les Stickles, Police Lieutenant

Front Sight has the finest instructors and the finest curriculum of any firearms training I have ever taken.
Alan Smith, Engineer

This course far exceeds any training I had in my law enforcement career of 20 years. This is a comprehensive, very safe, and responsible course of instruction for all types of handguns.
Dave Lesley, Self Employed

Front Sight presents to the entire nation, what the right to self defense means in today’s society. I applaud the school and its mission. I hope someday my two children (now ages 7 and 10) will have the opportunity to attend Front Sight’s training.
Richard Ferry, Business Manager

Absolutely the most dedicated and competent bunch of professionals I have ever had the pleasure of training with. Very patient and understanding, yet firm in the commitment to facilitate our learning. I know I am 100% more competent than I was just two days ago. You can put yourself in this course knowing little about firearms and defense and in just two days you will come out of this experience more skilled and confident than 90% of the people who own firearms—not only in the mechanics of defense, but the legal and ethical aspects as well. I highly recommend Front Sight to anyone who wants to walk with power.
Jeffrey Paley, Engineer

As a lifetime shooter, I came to Front Sight expecting to learn. I had no idea how much I did not know. Front Sight’s training experience is unmatched.
Kenneth Elliot, Retired Naval Officer

Trying to explain what a Front Sight class is like is like trying to explain the color blue to someone who has been blind from birth. I can try to explain it, but you can’t understand until you have experienced it first hand.
Dennis DeChance, Construction Estimator

Extremely helpful and friendly staff. I was shooting better after the first day than I have in the eight years of practicing on my own at the range.
Chess Smythe, Emergency Room Tech

I signed up for a Front Sight course to appease my husband. I agreed to come, but not necessarily to shoot. I was afraid of actually shooting something automatic. The instructors were great. After the first shots were fired, I became much more relaxed and had a fantastic time. Now I will likely come back for another course. Thank you for this opportunity.
Beth Duensing, Homemaker

The defensive handgun course is an eye-opener that was jammed packed with real world information. Front Sight is not a boot camp with drill instructors, but rather a friendly and highly competent learning environment. I cannot imagine a better way to learn how and when to use firearms for your personal defense. I have had a concealed weapon permit for almost 15 years. I learned more in this two day program than in the previous 15 years.
Jim Conway, Conway Engineering

Front Sight is the best organization I have ever dealt with. I will recommend Front Sight to all my family and friends—especially my brother who is a Sheriff’s Deputy.
Russell Sibell, Laser Engineer

Very professional instructors. They are very approachable, incredibly knowledgeable, polite, and humorous. Without a doubt, the best instructors I have ever encountered.
Richard Kutschman, US Naval Officer

I drove 1,100 miles, one-way, to attend this course. The professionalism and knowledge of the courteous staff made this trip well worth my time.
Thomas Wilson, Statistician

This course is the finest training program I could imagine. How Dr. Piazza has assembled and trained such a well disciplined, highly qualified, professional group of instructors is a testament to his skill and leadership. Dr. Piazza is the epitome of a professional leader, business executive, and visionary. May he be most blessed in his endeavors.
Rev. Michael Mitchell, Ph.D., Minister

The instructors performed professionally and courteously. Their positive praise and constructive corrections far surpassed any of my previous firearms training. I learned many new tactical techniques that my police academy instructors should adopt and teach.
Michael Calhoun, Peace Officer

You have to see it and hear Dr. Piazza’s vision to appreciate it fully. However, the submachine gun courses is free, really absolutely free. It is fun. It is safe. It is educational—even if you already know a lot about firearms. It is unique. Where else will you ever get a chance to shoot a submachine gun? GO!
Ken Fish, Fortune 500 Executive

Hard to find the right words. If you are a gun owner, this free submachine gun course must be experienced to be believed! It’s like no other shooting experience a civilian can imagine.
John Toomey, Satellite Orbital Analyst

Come here and find out for yourself what a great organization Front Sight is.
John M. Capps, Major, USMC

Front Sight instructors are awesome! They are encouraging, personable, consistent, professional and courteous. No matter where you start when you arrive, you will improve!
Rhonda Lunder, Teacher

I came to the handgun course a complete novice. I had fired a pistol before, but relied on my husband to do all the set up before shooting and securing it afterward. I learned not only how to do both of these things, but now feel confident in accurately firing and handling my pistol. This class was a challenge, but was extremely fun and exhilarating. This class pushed me beyond a comfort level I had long enjoyed, but consequently improved me way beyond my expectations. Thank you Front Sight.
Becky Hyde, Housewife

Fear of guns is your lack of knowledge of them. There is no better defense against an enemy than a firearm—especially for women. You don’t know what you don’t know until you come to Front Sight.
Kamie Blake, Mom

Without a doubt, the free submachine gun course was the most information, best instruction, with the greatest gain, in the shortest time I have ever experienced. Magnificent!
H.S. Gunnie Reagan, Psychologist

Front Sight is the future in firearms training. From the novice civilian to the veteran soldier or law enforcement officer, all will gain invaluable knowledge by attending their courses.
Eric Ryden, Police Officer

The free, one day submachine gun course is well worth the $500 dollars you won’t have to spend. The Instruction alone is worth the drive—the shooting is a bonus.
Daniel Hall, Fraud Investigator

I had an extraordinary time at the submachine gun course. The instructors were talented, knowledgeable, courteous, and safety conscious. This courses is a must—especially for women!
Michelle Martin, Kindergarten Teacher

The four day handgun course is excellent instruction with absolutely first-rate content. I was overwhelmingly impressed with the quality and depth of instructors. Front Sight is the best place to learn how to safely and responsibly handle a weapon.
Rick Freeman, Corporate Banking Manager

Without a doubt, Front Sight exceeds all other schools I’ve had both while in the USMC and as a civilian in the protective agent roll. I have never seen a school with such professionalism and purpose. Your dedication to your duties in training each and every student is matched by no others.
Ryan Foulkner, Executive Protection Agent

It must be seen to be believed. And there is no catch—just a great time!
Levin Liebeck, Law Student

After 15 years as an FFL licensee, I was amazed at what I did not know. I thought I was a safe gun owner and a fair shot. Front sight showed me I had a lot to learn and in the last four days I have learned a lot! If you own a gun and want to be competent as well as safe, you need to attend Front Sight!
Mich Steinmetz, Mortgage Broker

I have been to many schools and Front Sight is the best and that is why I purchased a membership. Front Sight has qualified instructors that can do what they preach. Front Sight has consistency of instruction—all of the instructors follow the same format which alleviates any confusion. Front Sight has an attention to detail. Front Sight provides intensity and volume of training. I pick up more in a couple of days at Front Sight than years elsewhere. If you are interested in becoming a truly proficient and responsible gun handler and want to participate in shooting sports at a first rate facility with first rate people, Front Sight is the best you can do.
Dale Wysocki, Police Officer

The four day handgun course was an excellent class. I expected to get 1/3 the amount of material that the class actually covered. It is amazing how well you can do once you are taught proper techniques. Now, I do not have any doubts about the outcome of a gunfight I might be in. If you intend to own a firearm, it is an absolute must to attend a course at Front Sight. Your life and the lives of your family depend on it.
Mark Mazzella, Stockbroker

Front Sight is an awesome place to learn and shoot a submachine gun. The instructors are professional, personable, and patient. I enjoyed it immensely. It is an experience everyone should try.
Maita Castellanes, Office Manager

Fantastic experience! Front Sight’s free submachine gun course was better instruction than the ‘fam fires’ I’ve done in my 13 years in the Navy. I had loads of fun and received fantastic training. My skills improved 200% with this one day course. Just do it. There are no strings attached.
Jeff Caulk, Naval Flight Officer

Front Sight easily exceeded the firearms training I have previously received in my police career. I will definitely be returning in the future to the fountain of firearms training at Front Sight.
George Lohmann, Police Officer

Front Sight is excellent! Incredible! There is an old saying, ‘Those who can’t do, teach.’ That old saying does not apply at Front Sight at all. Every instructor at Front Sight is an expert marksman and tactician. And, they are fantastic educators.
Wayne Repich, CEO/Co-Founder, Vanguard Acceptance Corporation

As a 14 year veteran of the US Army Special Forces, I have never been to a better school on the use of handguns. It was so great to learn from instructors who are not only good teachers, but who can also perform the tasks on demand. One of the things that impressed me most was how well rounded the class was. We were taught safe gun handling, marksmanship skills. Legal and moral aspects of owning and using firearms and what needs to be done to preserve our firearm freedoms. We were taught what every firearm owner or user should know—not only for defense, but also for hunting, competition, plinking, and fun. The lectures on what to do if you should ever have to use a firearm for defense are the best I have ever taken, seen, or read about. They alone are worth the price of the course. I can not recommend Front Sight enough.
SSG, Dale R. Mohr

The free submachine gun course was the best firearms class I have ever been to. I can’t wait for my next course. I learned more in this one day course that I have in other 2 and 3 day courses.
Terri Kuegel, Registered Nurse

Front Sight took me from virtually never pulling a weapon from my holster to feeling quite comfortable in doing so now. If you ever thought about handling a pistol for sport or defensive purposes, you must take a course at Front Sight. It is extremely informative, a dramatic skill builder, and outrageously fun too! I’m not even in the same universe of skills now as compared to four days ago.
Glenn Frank, Veterinarian Scientist

Front Sight is top of the line training from professionals who know what it is to be a student. They not only teach you what to do, but also why it is done that way.
Roland Vergeer, Technical Director

To get to the National Team for International Skeet Shooting, I had some of the best coaches in the world. These coaches included former Olympic Gold Medal winners and their coaches. Front Sight’s staff are among the best instructors I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
Bobbi Bowen, Computer Engineer

I had read others’ comments before arriving at Front Sight and I always thought they were exaggerating. Now I know why the comments are so positive!
Jeff Ma, Medical Research Technician

I flew over 2000 miles to attend this course. Had I known how good it would be, I would have walked, if necessary.
Bruce J. McSurdy, MD

It was everything I’d heard about it—First Rate Instruction (better than I had in the Marine Corps), all promises kept, and something I’m proud to have been a part of. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will receive more than you could possibly expect.
Stephen Eichelberger, Attorney

Before this class I would not have considered traveling this far (8 hours) to take a gun course. Now, I am definitely interested in returning for another course.
Katie Rylant, Veterinarian Technician

They say some things sound too good to be true, but Front Sight is the exception. This class was the reason I came to Las Vegas from Minnesota and this class made the trip well worth the time and expense.
Jason Petterson, Police Officer

Some of the best, if not the best instruction that I have had in a long, long, time.
Tim Harvey, Police Officer

The Four Day Practical Rifle course was outstanding! The best firearms training I have ever had. About the same time I attended Front Sight, my brother-in-law just finished Army Basic Training. Several weeks later, he and I had the opportunity to compare our training and have a shoot-off. My brother-in-law concluded that I received far better training and more advanced tactical training in four days at Front Sight than he did after 14 weeks of Army Basic Training with the M-16. I consistently outshot him with my AR15 at 200 and 300 yards! Thank you Front Sight! I will be back.
Jason Griffith, Commercial Real Estate Agent

Front Sight broadened my views about submachine guns and more. I just finished five years in the Marine Corps and I learned something new, today, at Front Sight.
Robert Herrera

The instructors are true professionals. They were helpful and 100% safety conscious. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about submachine guns. I wholeheartedly endorse this program.
Dr. Suzanne Hedden, College Professor

A+. Outstanding. Better than I could describe. Very professional. No BS. No Gimmicks. Better than I could have imagined.
Roger Quinlan, Martial Arts Instructor

My initial skepticism about the free submachine gun course (you don’t get something for nothing, etc.) was alleviated the moment the course started. The course was fun and very informative. With all the impressive credentials of the instructors, I was happily surprised at how helpful and encouraging all of them were. I saw no signs of impatience, conceit or condescending attitudes.
Andy Madison, Heavy Equipment Operator

I would highly recommend the course just to hear Dr. Piazza’s presentations alone!
Doug McDonald, Semiconductor Engineer

I have owned handguns since I was 18. I am now 57. I do not have words to describe how little I knew before coming to Front Sight—and I did not know that I did not know. Now I know, and can do something about it.
Bernard Dunn, Electrical Mechanic

I am amazed at how small details take on such importance; and Front Sight focuses on the details. I talked with police officers in my class and they were just as impressed as I was. Front Sight is changing the industry!
John Earl, Engineer

The training was very personal. It seemed like one-on-one most of the time. The instructors made sure everyone was up to speed so no one was left behind. Dr. Piazza’s lectures were extremely informative and dramatically presented invaluable information rarely found elsewhere—which is essential to be truly prepared for a real-life, self defense encounter.
M. Cameron Jensen, Physician

Public or private, this was by far the best handgun course I have ever attended. Great job by the entire staff.
Darryl Powers, Arson Investigator

I found the course, instructors and overall effort to be of the highest caliber. It is refreshing to see a business effort based on such high principles.
Kevin Moore, Airline Employee

Everything is experienced as advertised—rare in today’s marketplace. Dr. Piazza must be considered a visionary and a great patriot.
Lee Thomas, Letter Carrier

Received more training, in such a short amount of time than I would have believed. Great instructors and they made you feel like they really cared about your training—even if it was free.
Frank Bergschneider, Production Manager

Very enlightening and enjoyable! Just one day of instruction and I’ve learned so much! I can only imagine what a four day course consists of in any of the courses offered. I can’t wait to come back!
Christopher R. Goggin, Carpenter

Very simply, the Front Sight, Free Submachine Gun course is top-notch. You will learn more in one free training day than any number of days at the range. These guys are rock-solid professionals!
Travis Clayton, Graduate Student

If you want to keep The Second Amendment alive, go see the people and the attitude that will make it happen—and then spread the word. At the same time have a blast learning to properly handle submachine gun for free!
Ron Glenn, Glenn Security Systems

This is the most comprehensive day of firearms training I have ever experienced in 35 years of competitive shooting. I thoroughly enjoyed my day at Front Sight. The organization is very professional and the instructors are the best I have seen in one group.
Ron Welch, Cabinet Maker

I figured we would sit through a huge real estate presentation, then up to the firing line for a quick demo on the gun and a few short bursts on full auto. Instead, we received a full, one day course, plus breakfast, plus lunch, plus all the ammo and the guns free!—and no real estate presentation. The instructors are true professionals. These guys know their stuff. They demonstrate the highest competence and were all extremely articulate in conveying the information, plus I felt they were truly interested in my learning and improving my skills while having a good time.
Carol English, Real Estate Agent

Everything was First Class!
Ellwyn L. Laxson, Retired Fighter Pilot

You covered everything completely. Way above my expectations!!! It was the most comprehensive class, the best firearms training I ever had; far better than even my military training.
Todd Matthews, Internet Commerce

I came because my husband insisted. I expected not to enjoy myself because I did not feel competent enough to do this and was really apprehensive. But what I found is that the instructors were so patient and encouraging. I was like the little engine that said, ‘I think I can, I think I can…I know I can!’ You don’t have to be an expert to attend this course. It is as enjoyable for a novice like myself as it is to shooters of all skill levels. Don’t be intimidated. Try it!
Debra Teal, Housewife

Front Sight is the best firearms training available. Front Sight has made me feel more comfortable with a weapon than the last three previous instructions I have had.
William Haller, Project Manager

Your institute is a shining example of professionalism, leadership, and common sense. I have never attended a class that I did not come away from better in every sense as a firearms owner and shooter. Your staff is personable, credible, and knowledgeable.
Bryan Hyde, Radio Personality

If it were possible to improve upon perfection, you have done it! I attended in October and was awestruck, and this time it was even better. I like how the facility continues to improve as well as the improved teaching techniques. Having each instructor specialize in a portion of the instruction is an outstanding teaching technique. It gives the student a variety of personalities and teaching styles. I tell everyone about this incredible place!
Cameron Hansen, School Teacher

This was very, very, very professional training. I’m a martial arts instructor and I learned a lot about teaching and being professional from the staff at Front Sight.
Keith Owen, Martial Arts Instructor

The instructors at Front Sight are larger than life. Anything I can tell you about the course really won’t do it justice until you come and see for yourself.
John Lowenbruck, Tile and Marble Contractor

Front Sight is the most progressive step I have ever seen toward bringing responsible gun ownership into a light that even Sarah Brady could not say anything bad about. The instructors are professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and fun.
James R. Morris, Human Resource Coordinator

The instruction is top notch, concise, and clear. To offer this type of instruction to civilians is brilliant and it is such a good deal because it is absolutely 100% no-strings-attached FREE! Where can you get that type of value? You can’t even buy this kind of training at most of the other shooting schools. Front Sight is the most positive, professional training experience that I have ever attended.
Daryl Okayama, Firearms Instructor

A lot of women are afraid of guns. Coming to a course at Front Sight will teach you how to be more confident with weapons and yourself. You will know how to defend yourself and those you love.
Kamie Blake, Homemaker

Very professional, yet fun loving instructional staff. I was especially pleased to meet Dr. piazza and see him taking the time to help instruct in the class.
Dewey Winstead, USAF Medical Technician

The course was excellent, well planned, exceptional. The instructors were all very professional. This is an outstanding opportunity to participate in an outstanding program.
Robert Tonachio, Insurance Marketing

I was glad I came! As a 61 year old grandmother, I was truly impressed by the professionalism, patience, and hospitality of the whole staff. Everyone was exceptionally friendly. Go see for yourself—it is an incredible opportunity. Give yourself an educational, enlightening experience.
Donna DeHaan, Professional Keyboard Artist

As a beginner, I found my learning curve to be straight up. The course pace was fast enough to push the student yet allowed time to digest all the material. I found the instructors to be very professional, knowledgeable, extremely competent, alert, and helpful at all times. I appreciate that they were not patronizing or condescending to me because I am a woman. The course was challenging and fun!
Laura Cheney, Homemaker

The most pleasurable shooting experience I have ever had since shooting my first shots with Dad over forty years ago. Front Sight will be the Mecca of the shooting sport training profession. All of the instructors were of the highest caliber. Professional, courteous, and knowledgeable—the best I have ever seen. The Front Sight course in submachine gun is the best one day event any shooter can experience!
Harold Todd, Fireman

I had an absolute blast and learned a great deal about how to control a submachine gun properly. The instructors were outstanding and very patient—even with novices like myself.
Melissa B., Registered Nurse

It was a great experience for me. Since I never had shot any gun before I was a little nervous about taking this course, but the staff made me feel very comfortable and it turned out to be a lot of fun.
Jami Armstrong, Controller

Fantastic! Stupendous! Every time I step foot on Front Sight property I learn something new. As a firearms instructor, I have found that the most knowledgeable and dedicated instructor cadre in the business can be found at Front Sight. When I am asked about other training schools, the first words out of my mouth are Front Sight!
Robert Tippit, Police Firearms Instructors

This is the most fun and most instructive day I have spent in a very long time. All of Front Sight’s instructors are professional and well spoken, delivering their lessons with crispness and precision. The submachine gun course was interesting, educational, and most importantly, a lot of fun!
Charles Haase, Economics Professor

Front Sight is the best firearms training I have ever received. The instructors know how to train students. All were knowledgeable, skilled, friendly, and taught me how to be proficient with a firearm.
Todd Baker, Executive

Impressive!!! I was a little nervous at first, but the course was so well choreographed that I soon became at ease. I really enjoyed myself and came away feeling competent that I could handle myself with an Uzi submachine gun! I can’t say enough about the instructors. I would rather travel to Las Vegas than attend courses locally.
Carol Hill, Artist

If you get a chance to take this class at any price, it would be great. All the instructors were very professional and fun to be around. Don’t miss the chance to take this class for free. You not only will learn more about shooting, but more about life and how to save yours.
Irlene Mandrell, Entertainer

Absolutely fantastic! I cannot think of any ways to improve upon such an amazing course.
David Streck, Attorney

Although I’ve been a gun owner for many years, it shocks me to think about how little I knew about properly shooting a handgun before starting a Front Sight. Thank you Dr. Piazza and Front Sight instructors! I highly recommend your school for anyone from the first-time shooter to the long-time gun owner and experienced shooter. The instruction and teaching methodology is excellent. The instructors are personable and friendly and the atmosphere is supportive.
Elliot Grossman, Attorney at Law

Front Sight is without a doubt, the finest school of any kind I have ever attended!
Dr. Scott J. Heun, Chiropractor

Front Sight is the finest instructional firearms school in the U.S. bar none. The instructional staff made for a wonderful learning experience. Truly a class act.
Gilbert Onaka M.D., Physician

Front Sight’s training has prepared me for a 1st Place finish in a gun fight.
Matt Stone, Police Sergeant

This is the best instruction available on all aspects of using a weapon for self defense—legal as well as tactical. The classroom instruction was the best I have ever had.
David Kapler, Fire Chief

The Front Sight organization will improve your shooting and weapons handling skill. It is incredibly awesome! It is a thrill to shoot, but better than that, you will walk away with a greater confidence in yourself that you likely will not find anywhere else.
Cameron Hansen, Teacher

If you own a firearm, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones, and the general public to be trained and prepared to in the use of your weapon. Front Sight is THE organization to provide the training.
Richard Besocke, Teacher

The instructors at Front Sight were the best weapons instructors I’ve ever dealt with. Knowledgeable, fun, and always willing to help. Thanks!
Doug Whittaker, Police Officer

The excellent instruction I received today exceeds all the weapons training I experienced in 24 years of active military service. I salute Dr. Piazza and the Front Sight staff.
Lt. Colonel Charles S. McDonald, USAF

As an OIC (Officer in Charge) of a Naval Reserve Fleet Hospital Detachment, I am confident that should I be recalled to active duty and need to handle a weapon, I could do so with the confidence and solid foundation built by Front Sight. You guys are head and shoulders above the industry standard. Thank you for awakening me!
Beatrice Harrold, Captain, US Naval Reserves

This is the third course I have taken at Front Sight and I will be back for more.
Mike Docherty, Police Detective

Front Sight training is the most positive learning experience I’ve had in my life.
Donna Loomis, Cosmetologist

In order to learn to perform to a level that could save your life, Front Sight is the place to go. The instructors are great! They are competent, patient, and very proficient in their skills. I will send my daughter to Front Sight so I can be confident she will have more than a fighting chance to win.
John Stoneman, Computer Analyst

I have trained with many top name private schools as well as several law enforcement training programs. Front Sight is the top of the top of the line.
George Cole, Federal Agent

In two days I learned more about shooting than in the past five years. Front Sight’s training course is the best money I’ve ever spent on shooting.
Joshua Thaler, Software Engineering Manager

Everything was first-class. Immense amount of training. Now I can practice safely; I know what to practice; and I will practice.
Deke Castleman, Travel Writer

Outstanding teacher to student ratio. Lecture was without question, equal or greater in value than the range time. The instructors demonstrated great skill which really made me try to reach for that level. Front Sight is the best school of its kind. You are taught that the last thing you ever want to do is shoot someone. You are also taught the best way to do so, when there is no other choice.
Douglas C. Scott, Buyer

Even if you think you know all about the use of a defensive handgun…trust me—you don’t! Take the defensive handgun course at Front Sight. You will realize how much you have not known. The skills you learn could save your life.
Jean Mauregard, Street Rod Builder

If you want to learn to survive and win a lethal encounter, then Front Sight is the place to go! I cannot imagine a more professional environment or a more dedicated staff.
Craig M. Wilcox, Optician

If you are already familiar with firearms, Front Sight provides world class training, no matter what your level of experience. If you are not at all familiar with firearms, and want to be, by all means go to Front Sight and learn it right the first time. If you are a loved one of mine and want to learn to defend and protect yourself with a gun, I don’t want you to go anywhere else but Front Sight!
Alan Smith, Engineer

Front Sight is among the best training I have had in any setting. Demanding and professional, yet done in a supportive atmosphere with good humor. I am very impressed with the quality of the instructors. Uniformly intelligent and articulate. Quite a group. Quite an organization. Bravo!
Dr. Floyd Minana, Chiropractor

My instructors at Front Sight were possibly the most capable and caring team I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I hope to meet them all again.
Carl Swan, Pilot

Front Sight was the most worthwhile firearms training I have ever participated in. Even better than the night shooting handgun course I once attended that was taught by Pennsylvania State Trooper Instructors.
Kurt Horvat, VP

After just my first handgun course, I no longer looked at the expensive, glitzy new guns as real defensive tools. What counts first and foremost is training. The actual tool a distant second.
William Brizzee, Dentist

As a woman student I was concerned whether I could really do the class. I’m glad I attended because I learned so much more in two days than I had in the last year of shooting. I now have confidence to draw my gun, shoot, and even clear any malfunctions in 2-3 seconds. I can do it every single time.
Juliana Bernabe, CFO

It’s true — you just don’t know how much you really don’t know until you come to Front Sight.
Mike Petrashevich, Office Manager

I am definitely coming back again, and again, and again. I learned more in the two day handgun course than I have in 20 years of target shooting and practical shooting. You can’t get better training at any price — anywhere!
Michael Stonehouse, Fleet Purchaser

After 30 years of shooting, I am now just beginning to shoot correctly thanks to Front Sight. I look forward to more classes in the future. The Front Sight instructors are the best!
Les Jones, Inspector

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