Ambassador upgrade order and confirmation

From: Front Sight
To: Greg Raven
Subject: Front Sight ‘New Front Sight’ Order Confirmation
Date: Sun, 02 Jun 2013 10:39:55 -0400

Greg Raven,

Thank You for Your Order

Your information was sent to Front Sight.

Order Information

You will receive:

AMAZING BONUS: ANY To Be Determined Memberships or Course Certificates or Front Sight Credits that I may still have in my possession when the NEW Front Sight Resort is completed in the future, will be allowed to be traded back to Front Sight toward purchase or rental use of Front Sight’s Interval Ownership Condos and RV Spaces.

Your card was charged $100.

We will add these items to your Front Sight Account (connected to your name and email) within 48 hours.

Reminder: you are not allowed to advertise the sale of any memberships in any public media.

Order confirmation: June 11, 2013

Hello Greg,

This email is to inform you that your order for the following items has been processed.

Your new Primary Membership Number and Type are listed below. You will receive your new membership card and other packet items in the mail after the offer has finished running. However, this new Primary Membership is active now for use.

Your new Digital Certificates are listed below.


1 × 2-Day Def. Handgun Certificate, $0
1 × 2-Day Tactical Shotgun Certificate, $0
1 × 2-Day Practical Rifle Certificate, $0
1 × 4-Day Def. Handgun Certificate, $0
1 × 4-Day Tactical Shotgun Certificate, $0
1 × 4-Day Practical Rifle Certificate, $0
0 × Ambassador Membership, $100


# Type
CERT11063153757-141917 Two Day Def. Handgun Course
CERT11063153757-141918 Two Day Tac. Shotgun Course
CERT11063153757-141919 Two Day Practical Rifle Course
CERT11063153757-141920 4-Day Def. Handgun Course
CERT11063153757-141921 Four Day Tactical Shotgun Course
CERT11063153757-141922 Four Day Practical Rifle Course


# Type
A56301 Ambassador


Front Sight