Practical Rifle


This exceptional entry-level, weekend course provides you with the practical skills of the accomplished rifleman. Upon completion, you will have the ability to quickly strike center hits from a variety of shooting positions at ranges out to 200 yards. If you want to acquire the skills that tamed the Wild West and won the last World Wars, this course is for you.

Lecture Topics Include:

Use of Deadly Force and the Law; Color Code of Mental Awareness; Civil Liability; Weapon and Ammunition Selection; Ballistics; Zeroing, Sight Adjustments, Hold Over; and more.

Firing Range Drills Include:

Loading and Unloading; Carrying Positions; Ready Positions; Shooting Stance; Sight Alignment, Sight Picture and Trigger Control; Rapid Assumption of Kneeling, Squat, Sitting, and Prone; Target Engagement from 3 to 200 yards under Time Pressure; Tactical Simulator Introduction; and more.

200 rounds of ammunition required.

Cost: $500.00. See Buddy System pricing and save 25%.

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Held Friday through Monday, This is a comprehensive course in the practical use of the rifle that will leave law enforcement officers, military personnel and private citizens with the comforting ability to hit what they can see! Upon completion of the course, you will be able to score center, first-round hits on targets appropriate to your weapon, at unknown distances, from improvised positions, against the clock. With a rifle in your hand, you will be able to control your environment out to distances that you can identify targets. If you desire such ability, we await you.

Lectures Topics and Firing Range Drills:

As listed in the Two-Day course with emphasis on Speed and Accuracy of Target Engagement out to 400 yards. Use of Reactive Steel Targets, in a variety of scenarios.

Course includes Low Light and Night Shooting, Shoot-off, and Distinguished Graduate Skill Evaluation.

500 rounds of ammunition required.

Cost: $900.00. See Buddy System pricing and save 25%.

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Worried that Your Current Skill Level Might Not
be Appropriate to Attend a Course at Front Sight?

Don't worry. Whatever your skills may be right now, Front Sight will give you the personal, one-on-one attention you need to really perfect your accuracy, speed, and gun handling. We assign one instructor for every four-to-five students on the firing line, and you will receive one-on-one instruction in the live-fire tactical simulators. Whether you are new to gun ownership and want to save time and money by learning it right the first time from world recognized experts, or an advanced student reaching for the highest levels of perfection, we will dramatically improve your skills with the very first course!

Any Gun Will Do — If You Will Do.

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